Season 2 is finished... With the finale over; all we can do is wait for the next season to start. Summer is finally coming and it marks my first year of joining the group and the brony community in general. I can hardly believe it has been nearly a year since I began watching My Little Pony: Friendship is magic.

So much has has happened since reading Mray's Brony blog. He convinced several others and I to give the show a chance. I have to say he did a great job. Heck, the blog has nearly 4,000 views at the moment. Mray likely didn't expect these turns of events and attention when he and a few others helped him create this wonderful group. According to the wikis, the group's complete version was up-and-running on July 19th, 11:49 AM.

We are nearing are first anniversary.

I wasn't active when the group started, apparently. I believe I started to be really active in August. As my summer job ended that month. Although I was around when the group started; just too busy with drivers ed class and my job.

Lets go through the group's history through my eyes. I'll try to keep it brief.

I mostly stood by and watched the flow of the action going on with the other members and occasionally browsed the often humorous images for the first month or so. I didn't even know how to post an image when I joined. We eventually started making puns and people get upset (we really should of seen that one coming, haha), and were told to keep in the group. GameInformer Online is the only place I went to discuss, well, anything I wanted really, but the group's homepage was something were everyone could see within the group. 

Eventually we discovered the magic of synchtube, and boy, we practically spent our entire summer in there. Re-watching pmvs, or other random junk that sparked nice and random conversations. Now, the group expanded to other places, like Twitter, Facebook, Skype and we just plain forgot about synchtube. We'd often post links to synchtube on the homepage to indicate we were trying to get others to join.

Later on we barely needed to ask people to join, it was practically our second hub; Superking was there almost all the time (often working on homework while listening) so others just came whenever. I remember when season two aired and we watched the Discord episode over and over again. It was pretty much my entire afternoon, others came to watch the episode for the first time while I've seen it five times.

I'm kind of sad we didn't think about watching the season two finale together... I have no idea what happened. We'd usually watch each episode together each Saturday. I can't remember the last one we watched. Basically, the group expanded my knowledge, learned new ideas and fears of the internet, social media, and the like. Even helped me appreciate the hard work people put into music. This fandom has changed me, and will forever have an impact on me. I've been in a sort of depression for a few months now, I don't know if anyone has realized it, but I've been changing. 

Thinking, evolving. I've been learning how to become a better person. I've been very stressed these past months because of my education, goals, and people around me, even. I'm jealous of others work, I've noted that nothing is accomplished without your will and determination. I have always felt like the out-of-place kind of person, the guy no one talks to or appreciated but still humored him. Many of you have your talents while I stand and watched.  Watching others build a reputation in the a blink in an eye amazes me. And I have nothing, nothing much to say for myself, but I learned you just need to keep pressing forward, wherever it may lead and don't take a second for granted.

No New Members

The Round Up 

May or may not occur, but if it does, it's Halo Reach this Friday or Saturday. Who knows, maybe both.

Bad Movie Night

Resident Evil: Extinction  Saturday 11EST

Good Movie Night

Waterboy Friday, 11EST

Original Art







One by one, we'll each inevitably drift apart from the group. Time is fleeting, we all need to absorb the moments; make them last. We won't be here for this group forever, and that's a fact everyone should take in.


This video perfectly sums up my emotions:

"That's just it... Just when I learned how wonderful it is to have friends, I have to leave them..."

"You are, you are magic. Be strong, what could be, magic. Could be.  You are, you are magic, friendship. (ffrrrreeeeeiiiiinnnnnnnd) What could be, magic - friendship."


-Another Matthew