Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all your favorite people at GIO Bronies! Hope you all have had a wonderful time with friends and family over the holiday season. For those you in school, I hope you've enjoyed your break. For those of you in working world, I pray that you've enjoyed what time off you've managed to receive.

Now, it's time for this week's Brony Newsletter. 


More Cheerilee can never be a bad thing


Well, it's been a rather interesting week here in the Brony Group. Despite the busy Christmas Season, we still manage to drag ourselves away from our everyday lives to post something in the group or talk with our fellow Bronies.


First off, I'd like to extend a warm welcome to two new members of our group:

Hope you make yourselves at home and consider participating in some of our events in the future.


Week in Retrospect:

- Our fearless leader (Mray901) developed a thread where you can make a wish only to have someone else corrupt it and replace it with their own. Details can be found in the Corrupt-A-Wish thread.

- Team Cool and Team Cute faced off once again in the last Image War of the Year. For those of you who enjoyed it, you can revisit the hilarious escapade here. For those of you who were annoyed by the flooded email boxes, spamming pictures, and terrible banter, we're sorry. You, like many others, have been part of the war's collateral damage.

- The Brony Kart racing rooms are now full swing now that Christmas is over. Many of us have gotten the new Mario Kart 7 have been racing each other online. If you have a 3DS but have yet to pick up Mario Kart 7, you should consider picking it up. More details found here.

- The Xbox 360 Brony Round Up was held earlier this week where our participants squared off against each other in Halo 3. Overall, the turn out was rather good and I personally had a lot of fun for what short time I was there. 

- Our twittering ponies also had a busy week. Luna tries to get her sister to listen to more bands. Celestia attempts to round up the gang for some Nightmare Moon slaying. Rainbow Dash says she needs a 'Wheel of Morality' to figure out her friendship lessons, while Twilight Sparkle's secret life comes to light. More details on account names and management can be found here.


Brony Round Up

  • Playstation 3
  • Uncharted 3 Multiplayer
  • Friday, Dec 30 @ 7pm EST
  • Join Request to PSN Tag: SuperKingC77


Bad Movie Night

  • There is no Bad Movie Night this week


Good Movie Night

  • Good, Bad, and the Ugly
  • Friday after the Round-Up
  • Location: Synchtube (password: spitfire)


MLP:FiM New Episode

  • New Episode is next weekend! The drought is almost over!


New Blogs


Original Art

Rarity Sketch - Miyuki Snow


Rainbow Dash (not Watchmen) - Spyro Conspiracy Theorist


Vinyl Scratch - SuperKingC77


Left 4 Pony - Potatoz


Fluttershy Sketch - DeadManWalking


Something Gilda (?) - Papercamm


Spike Sketch - Mray901


Scootaloo Cuckoo - Papercamm


Paper Rarity - Papercamm


Fluttershy - DeadManWalking's Friend (DA)


Paper Fluttershy - Papercamm


Pony Appreciation Day

The last day of the month is almost here. Unfortunately, SuperkingC77 doesn't let us know which random pony is going to be featured until the day of so start stocking your images and avatars now!



Editor's Random Corner

Now is my chance to post random stuff that I care about.

Lauren Faust FAQ

In History, Maybe

Great song. Give it a listen!


Sidekicks - Pineapplicious (DA)


Guess who this is for +10 internetz


Zekrom Battle - Delthero (DA) (He does pony stuff too!)


Rosalina is best Mario Character - Tsutomu-san(DA)


Well that wraps up this week's Brony Newsletter! I apologize in advance for any formatting weirdness you may have encountered. The blog manager can be a little buggy. Hope you all have a great week and we look forward to your visit next time!