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Do you like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Then come on in, my friend!

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  • 6-27 GIOB Newsletter: Tim Tebow Edition

    Another week, another newsletter. Anyway I got this art from Strangers Tim Tebow fanfic. You should go read it . New Peoplez We got a couple of new people this week, so make sure to say hi to them! If you don't, Tim Tebow will devour your soul! Nilkad... More
  • Friendship Weekly - Episode 10: May 2 - May 8 (EPISODE 10!!!!)

    'Sup, everyone? Did you miss me? :D Sorry for my absence last week, I swear it was for an important reason! Probably. I'm not gonna say why though because reasons. Go grab that episode! FRIENDSHIP WEEKLY - EPISODE 10: MAY 2 - MAY 8 ^Click this... More
  • Brony Newsletter - 03/22/12

    Hey guys, it's JR again, the Silent Mod. Sorry for the late newsletter, I'll just blame the delay on "technical difficulties". But on to the actual newsletter. New Members As far as I can tell, we have exactly one new member, so everyone... More
  • Brony Newsletter - 01/17/12

    Hey, JR here. For those who don't know me, well, it's probably because I don't post much. This is because...I don't have much to say? I don't really know. But I am a mod, and that means I have to do at least one of these newsletters... More
  • Pony Up Podcast: Episode 1

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to the first group podcast episode of Pony Up. After the recent disbanning of GIOBR, Stranger and other members of the group have come together to discuss various aspects of the pony universe as well as gaming. Join us as we discuss... More
  • Brony Newsletter - 5/23/12

    Brony Newsletter - Jeff Foxworthy Edition You Might Be A Redneck Brony if... You might be a redneck brony if... ...You don't attend the roundup this Saturday at 7est. The game is Minecraft for both PC and 360 simultaneously. God of Irony will be hosting... More
  • Friendship Weekly - Episode 18: July 6 - July 12 (Magic!)

    Hey everyone, and welcome to another episode of Friendship Weekly! There is no Comic Corner this week, but according to Dream Runner, there wasn't any news anyways, so it's okay! You know the drill by now. Go get that episode! NEWS: Fiesta Equestria... More
  • Friendship Weekly - Episode 6: April 4 - April 10 (Swag)

    Hi everyone, and welcome to another episode of Friendship Weekly! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday today! Have a news episode: Friendship Weekly - Episode 6: April 4 - April 10 ^^^Click this for the episode!!!^^^ NEWS : Hub iOS App! MLP Life... More
  • Brony Newsletter - 05/16/12

    Hey y'all, how you kids handlin' near summertime temps and the near end of college/school semester? Welcome to the newsletter, I be yo host yo. and if yer not too busy playing Diablo or minecraft, we can get on with this shin dig. here have a... More
  • Where Is Friendship Weekly?

    Good news everyone! Err, bad news everyone. There will not be a Friendship Weekly from me this week. Click the following link for more details: WHERE IS FRIENDSHIP WEEKLY? Don't fret, however! I will be doing everything in my power to get you all... More
  • Newsletter 8/29/2012 -- The Special Bland Edition.

    Salutations friends. It has been a busy week for some, trying to get back into the habit of school. GMN WILL START AT 11:30 EST. MOVIES WILL BE EITHER RAINMAN , BLADE RUNNER (MAYBE), CHARLIE CHAPLIN'S GREAT DICTATOR , EMPIRE STRIKES BACK , OR A COUPLE... More
  • Friendship Weekly - Episode 1: February 28 - March 6 (The New Newsletter)

    Hi there. You may remember a year or two ago when we used to post weekly newsletters that gathered up every bit of news about the GIO Bronies Group. Well, I'm bringing that back. Sort of. Instead of just bringing back the same old text-based news... More