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Do you like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Then come on in, my friend!

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  • Brony Newsletter 09/19/12: All Hail Rosie

    It is now time for you silly mortals to bask in my glory. Bow before MEEEEEE!!!!! This Weeks Sacrifices NOM NOM NOM NOM Fathee MagidFreakMagic SHRIK3 Heretic Activities At the moment there is no need to stage any mass heretic burnings as they have nothing... More
  • Brony Newsletter - 09/05/12

    Greetings everyone, it’s Wednesday again, and that means… hold on, what’s this? September… 5th? Why, it’s someone’s birthday today! Someone who should be very special to you all. Someone who you all know. Someone... More
  • Newsletter 8/29/2012 -- The Special Bland Edition.

    Salutations friends. It has been a busy week for some, trying to get back into the habit of school. GMN WILL START AT 11:30 EST. MOVIES WILL BE EITHER RAINMAN , BLADE RUNNER (MAYBE), CHARLIE CHAPLIN'S GREAT DICTATOR , EMPIRE STRIKES BACK , OR A COUPLE... More
  • GIO Brony Newsletter (Aug. 16-23) ~fluttershy edition~

    Oh hi there gio my name is flutehsrshe(inaudible) and I was asked to do something so im doing it because i was asked to really really nicely so... eeeeeeeeeeeeee.... We had two new members this week, one with a nice happy name and one with a scary scary... More
  • The Adventures of Warren Spector

    I was walking down the street when a giant sandwich fell out of the sky and it horrified everyone. I looked in terror, when all of the sudden a mechanized giant samurai warrior was seen rocketing straight for the giant sandwich and sliced it into small... More
  • Brony Newsletter 8/15/12 - TRON Edition

    Greetings, Programs! Under the order of CLU, I've been permited to construct this week's Brony Newsletter. If you do not like it or fail to follow commands, you will be subject to immediate Deresolution. New Members We only have one new Program... More
  • Pony Up: Episode 2

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to another episode of Pony+Up! In this episode, we talk about the upcoming Season 3 of MLP:FiM, Team GIO for Extra Life, our thoughts on the Wii U, and more! We've also took some time to answer our listener's burning questions... More
  • Brony Newsletter- 8/08/12, Adam Jensen edition

    The name's Jensen, Adam Jensen. I have temporarily taken over this user's consciousness so that I may speak to you bronies. How and why did I do this you ask? Augmentations, that's all you need to know. New Members Two new members this week... More
  • Newsletter- 8/1/12 - Laws Edition

    Today is Wednesday, and that means it is time for Kingdom Heards. Also the newsletter. No also no roundups or movie nights currently scheduled. Talk to SK if you want to do any of htese things only i dont know why you would want to . Also no fanboys.... More
  • Newsletter 7/25/2012, The Lettering. Part two, The Sequel

    In a world... Where theres no hope... No purpose... No answer... there is only... THE NEWSLETTER It fights a lonely fight... to inform you. Now it brings you... The news: In a world... with round-ups... there can be... only one: Round Up: There appears... More
  • Brony Newsletter - 7/18/12

    AAAAHHHHH BUCK WHY IS THIS WEEK MOVING SO SLOW?! HURRY IT UP ALREADY! It’s only Wednesday, and Wednesday means it’s Newsletter day, and I’m once again covering for the mod who we don’t actually know his name but he hasn’t... More
  • Pony Up Podcast: Episode 1

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to the first group podcast episode of Pony Up. After the recent disbanning of GIOBR, Stranger and other members of the group have come together to discuss various aspects of the pony universe as well as gaming. Join us as we discuss... More