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Do you like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Then come on in, my friend!

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  • GIO Brony Newsletter 12/19/12 - Christmas Edition

    Hey Everyone! It's been quite the hiatus but the GIO Brony Newsletter is BACK! (For a limited time only... jk). Hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas Season and taking some quality time off because I know I'm not. I have managed to get a bit... More
  • GIO Bronies Newsletter 11/7/12 - Spiderman Edition

    Hello there readers! Today's Brony Group Newsletter is brought to you by none-other than everyone's favorite spider-powered superhero... Spiderman! Abandoned as a boy, he was raised by Aunt May, who lives in the middle of New York City with her... More
  • Brony Newsletter - 11/1/12: The Nightmare Night After Edition

    Hello again everyone! It's iDreamrunner once again bringing you more Cheerilee and another newsletter for the week. I hope you all enjoyed your Nightmare Night yesterday. I unfortunately am still stuck in this prison of a lab studying for various... More
  • Brony Newsletter - 10/25/12: C.M.C. Slackers! Edition

    Hello Everyone! It's me, iDreamrunner giving you another edition of this week's newsletter. Why? I don't know, but if you hate seeing the Cheerilee pictures and jokes then go complain to the mods (except me because I'll probably just post... More
  • Brony Newsletter - 10/18/12: Substitute Teacher Edition

    Alright, so apparently we've had some issues come up that caused the newsletter to drop for the week. But never fear! Class is not cancelled. Oh no it's not, because we have a substitute taking the stage! Sort of... Regardless, here is all the... More
  • Brony Newsletter - 10/10/12: Crystal Meth Edition

    This week's newsletter is brought to you by The One Who Knocks... and cooks Walter Jr. breakfast. New Meth Lab Flunkies Members Tucker ThinnishBrute Round Up Nothing announced yet, so instead you get this: GMN/BMN Again, nothing as of yet soooooo... More
  • Brony Newsletter - 10/3/12: Cheerilee and Canterlot Gardens

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to another edition of the GIO Brony Newsletter. I hope you all have been having a good week because mine's been peachy if not tiring. If you're wondering about the subtitle for this week's letter, I'll let you know... More
  • Newsletter - 09/26/2012

    'Ello everybody! I'm here to bring you another newsletter, so just sit back and relax. New members!: None! Movies Nights: ??? Round Ups: Borderlands 2? Member's blogs: Darkeon: Homestruck: An Unexpected Journey Stranger: Heartbroken Gamers... More
  • Brony Newsletter 09/19/12: All Hail Rosie

    It is now time for you silly mortals to bask in my glory. Bow before MEEEEEE!!!!! This Weeks Sacrifices NOM NOM NOM NOM Fathee MagidFreakMagic SHRIK3 Heretic Activities At the moment there is no need to stage any mass heretic burnings as they have nothing... More
  • Brony Newsletter - 09/05/12

    Greetings everyone, it’s Wednesday again, and that means… hold on, what’s this? September… 5th? Why, it’s someone’s birthday today! Someone who should be very special to you all. Someone who you all know. Someone... More
  • Newsletter 8/29/2012 -- The Special Bland Edition.

    Salutations friends. It has been a busy week for some, trying to get back into the habit of school. GMN WILL START AT 11:30 EST. MOVIES WILL BE EITHER RAINMAN , BLADE RUNNER (MAYBE), CHARLIE CHAPLIN'S GREAT DICTATOR , EMPIRE STRIKES BACK , OR A COUPLE... More
  • GIO Brony Newsletter (Aug. 16-23) ~fluttershy edition~

    Oh hi there gio my name is flutehsrshe(inaudible) and I was asked to do something so im doing it because i was asked to really really nicely so... eeeeeeeeeeeeee.... We had two new members this week, one with a nice happy name and one with a scary scary... More