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Do you like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Then come on in, my friend!

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  • Superking's Blog - Why I Love Scootaloo

    Well, it would appear its high time I finally explained myself. I'm always singing the praises of a certain orange filly, and I'm sure many of you are confused as to why. Any of you who have been around for a length of time know that I'm not... More
  • GIO Brony Newsletter (Aug. 16-23) ~fluttershy edition~

    Oh hi there gio my name is flutehsrshe(inaudible) and I was asked to do something so im doing it because i was asked to really really nicely so... eeeeeeeeeeeeee.... We had two new members this week, one with a nice happy name and one with a scary scary... More
  • iDreamrunner's Fic: Working Title

    Author Note: This prolouge really doesn't have anything to do with the fic itself. It's mainly used to get some feedback on my prose and writing style. I will also be posting pictures with my fic where appropriate, so you'll see artist credits... More
  • GIO Pony Twitter Rules

    Lately, it seems that some of us have been confused with how the twitter accounts work, or have been inconsistent with the rest of the game. Indiana Joel and I have come up with a collection of rules that will hopefully fix that. Rules: Stay in character;... More
  • Brony Newsletter: 2/1/2012

    What is up, my awesome bronies? It's Mray again, and welcome to the second month of 2012! This year’s speeding right along, huh? Next thing you know, it’ll be my birthday! (September 5th, peasants. Get your gift ideas ready.) Onto the... More
  • Brony Newsletter - 11/1/12: The Nightmare Night After Edition

    Hello again everyone! It's iDreamrunner once again bringing you more Cheerilee and another newsletter for the week. I hope you all enjoyed your Nightmare Night yesterday. I unfortunately am still stuck in this prison of a lab studying for various... More
  • Brony Newsletter- 8/08/12, Adam Jensen edition

    The name's Jensen, Adam Jensen. I have temporarily taken over this user's consciousness so that I may speak to you bronies. How and why did I do this you ask? Augmentations, that's all you need to know. New Members Two new members this week... More
  • Season 3 Finale in Review

    After the conclusion of the Season 3 finale, it would seem like the viewers had split themselves into two camps. There are those who really loved it, and those who didn't. While I find myself in the latter camp, after reviewing some other opinions... More
  • GIO Bronies Newsletter 11/7/12 - Spiderman Edition

    Hello there readers! Today's Brony Group Newsletter is brought to you by none-other than everyone's favorite spider-powered superhero... Spiderman! Abandoned as a boy, he was raised by Aunt May, who lives in the middle of New York City with her... More
  • Brony Newsletter 8/15/12 - TRON Edition

    Greetings, Programs! Under the order of CLU, I've been permited to construct this week's Brony Newsletter. If you do not like it or fail to follow commands, you will be subject to immediate Deresolution. New Members We only have one new Program... More
  • Brony Newsletter - 10/3/12: Cheerilee and Canterlot Gardens

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to another edition of the GIO Brony Newsletter. I hope you all have been having a good week because mine's been peachy if not tiring. If you're wondering about the subtitle for this week's letter, I'll let you know... More
  • The Adventures of Warren Spector

    I was walking down the street when a giant sandwich fell out of the sky and it horrified everyone. I looked in terror, when all of the sudden a mechanized giant samurai warrior was seen rocketing straight for the giant sandwich and sliced it into small... More
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