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This is the place to hang out with Christians who love gaming. If you are a Christian or an open-minded individual I encourage you to join and stay a while.

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  • Forum Post: On break

    Dear fellow padawans: Hey Just wanted to let you all know that I will be gone for a while so don't feel sad. I will be back but right now I am very busy so I don't have the time to talk to ya, but I will see you all again. It might take weeks, month, years, ages, millenniums O_o.... but I will...
  • Forum Post: Kickstarter!

    Dear Members: Hey! I had a great idea! You know how a lot of people are Christians, we should make a video game featuring a lot of christian values! *random guy* BUT THIS HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE! *response* Not by the means of kickstarter and not by a talented innovative group of consisting of Gameinformer...
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