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I Feel Sorry for Atheists

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  • With Christmas around the corner, it never fails around this time of the year to have some drama occur over the celebration of the season.

    I really feel sorry for atheists who must have the most empty lives on the planet, and who compulsively feel the need to constantly try and bring down others because they are unhappy. Notice I said "I feel sorry" and not "I pity them." There's a difference to me, at least.

    Now ask any atheist and they'll adamantly deny they're unhappy; quite the opposite, actually. They'll tell you that their lives are much more fulfilling and "free" because they don't have any belief system and/or belief in a supreme being to answer to. Now whether they just don't like the idea of not being in control of their own lives, or they just flat-out don't believe it's possible, is up to the individual.

    If that's the case, then why do these people pre-occupy themselves with always raising a stink over religious practices and those who choose to celebrate them? It seems as if these people are under the mistaken impression that everyone must accept and tolerate their "beliefs" of non-belief, yet when it comes to others who do hold a religious belief system, they somehow are incapable of that same tolerance.

    Something is wildly askew here. It is my understanding that the reason these types of people are so vocal in their opposition is because they are very unhappy individuals, and it makes them angry (and maybe jealous?) to see other people having something to celebrate and believe in. So their only recourse is to take their grumpy outlook to the legal system and lodge complaints against any and all displays of these celebrations citing "separation of church and state" as their battle cry.

    Example: There was a small town featured in the news a few weeks back that was forced by a judge to take down their public Nativity diorama. Now for this particular town, this annual Nativity display was somewhat of a town tradition--going back some 70 years or so. But as usual, some atheists cried and moaned to the courts and a judge ruled in their favor. So a small town's tradition has been broken.

    Why are these people so determined to try and ruin everyone else's mood?

  • Because they're angry. I heard about that Nativity scene debacle on the O'Reilly Factor. Its crazy.. There is also a town in Maine? I think Maine.. The Governor wanted to call their town's Christmas tree a "Holiday tree" so he doesn't offend others. And most of those people in that town has some sort of religion! So the governor is actually offending the majority of the people living their. Its highly annoying to hear about this "War on Christmas." Atheists must be so bored. They act like children who MUST have what they want and if they don't get it, they're being persecuted in their eyes! Its mind-boggling....

  • Apparently it was Rhode Island. Not Maine.

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