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This is the place to hang out with Christians who love gaming. If you are a Christian or an open-minded individual I encourage you to join and stay a while.

Poll #2

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  • Who will you vote for?

    • President Obama (11.1%)
    • Mitt Romney (88.9%)
    • Total Votes: 9
  • Romney is no Reagan, but he is the better man for the job in my opinion. Romney has to be more aggressive though.

  • Lesser of two evils is how I like to put it. Needless to say Romney has my vote.


    Now you're playing with power!

  • But a lot of people are still hating on Romney. Reagan was below Carter before the debates. After the debates, Reagan won tremendously. I'm not going to say Romney's going to win by a landslide. But I think after the debates, Romney will gain some momentum.

  • dont jinx it Carson. alot of people out ther are stupid.



  • Obama won because everyone was sick of the Republicans. They heard Obama preaching hope and change and loved what they've heard. Sadly, he didn't come through.

  • Ya know, I would vote for Romney over Obama any day, but I can't vote yet... I'll be able to next time though!

    Anyway, Obama told us last campaign to not vote for him technically. He said that if he doesn't fix the economy in the 4 years he is in office that he shouldn't be president. Well, I guess that's not the case anymore. But I that's not the first time he's lied to us. Oh no. Not even close.

  • I respectfully write this post. Pres. Obama has done everything that he said he would do. The healthcare mandate was passed, the troops are coming home from Iraq. He ended two wars, etc.

    If Romney gets in we'll be up to our necks in wars.  The guy just wants to appease his rich voting block.  He wants to take away the things that made America what it is. Also, he wants to raise military  spending; increase our military warfleet.  What for?  We need to be making strategic alliances that will help us move into the next century and beyond. I personally don't see that happening under Romney.  Also,  I take issue with him trying to tell women how to handle their feminine issues as it relates to abortions.  Not saying its right; there is a time and  a place when  an abortion  should be legalized, incest and rape. Anyone else agree or disagree?

    I'm a gamer; a lover of music!

  • I'm not getting into a political debate on here. Sorry, but I'm not, it's not worth it.


    Now you're playing with power!

  • Romney doesn't want to ban abortion. Abortion is legal here and he'll keep it that way. But he doesn't want to force the Catholic church to give that kind of healthcare. It goes against their beliefs. I believe Romney will get America back on track. That's all I'm going to say.

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