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Christian Group

This is the place to hang out with Christians who love gaming. If you are a Christian or an open-minded individual I encourage you to join and stay a while.

My introduction! Hey guys!

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  • Hey fellow brothers and sisters...and fellow gamers!

    My name is Tyler, and I just stumbled upon this group from a comment that had this link. This is pretty awesome by the way. I'm a college student attending Ozark Christian College, and have been thinking a lot recently about trying to do ministry in this field of gaming because its kind of untapped because of past generations affecting this generations view of video games especially christians. So anyway I've been thinking over the summer just about how I can somehow get involved with the gaming community a lot more than I had been before and start to connect to people and develop relationships and hopefully eventually lead to some good conversations. It's so nice to see people already doing a little bit of that. So thanks for making this group and everything. Any ideas on ways to connect with gamers out there?

  • Well Welcome Tyler! I created this group so we can connect to gaming Christians. If you want to do more they're probably some websites you can find or maybe some people at your college?

  • You, could try to host a youth group type thing where there is a video game tournament of Street Fighter or Call of Duty etc and before the tournament starts, you could have a prayer and a quick word from the Bible. This would help to tap into the youth culture at least..Also, I agree with Carson, the students at your college could be a strong ally in this situation.

  • Hi Tyler! Welcome to the group!


    Now you're playing with power!

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