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This is the place to hang out with Christians who love gaming. If you are a Christian or an open-minded individual I encourage you to join and stay a while.

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  • Forum Post: Weapon Poll

    Just another Poll. Also, to everyone out there, you can make new, more specific threads if you want. (i.e. Fallout Thread, Elder Scrolls Thread, CoD Thread, PS3 Thread, Etc.) Melee, or Guns? I prefer Melee. Tell us your answer in the comments section. Melee (40%) Guns (60%) Total Votes: 20
  • Forum Post: Introduction

    Hello everybody. This is the place for great Christian gamers. In this thread we would like you to introduce yourself and get to know the rest of us. We are all very happy to have you join and hope you stay active with the group. So with that we welcome you.
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