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The Plan of Salvation

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  •       Soon, I plan on starting a Facebook account totally devoted to reaching the lost and teaching the Christians.  Please help me by helping me put together the entire plan of salvation, which will be the first thing on the account.  I mostly need specific Bible verses outlying the plan.  I'll post the link on my page when I create that account.  I'll create the account after I get this together and get permission from my parents.

          Also, please don't take this as just advertisement.  I think we need to get more devotionals and discussions like these on the forum, more people talking about the reason we're a part of this group called Christians.  Discuss this plan, too.  I'm just going to need guidance and help from others in creating this.


    Revelations 21:6

  • Well you have to make things simple. Just say something like the ABCs and explain it a bit, and bring up Bible verses to back that up.

  • I want to start from the beginning, using Adam and Eve to explain God's two sides first.  I'll mention the ABC's, but that's where I want to start.

    Revelations 21:6

  • You're proceeding from the assumption they're already christian. If they're atheist or any other religion, then you would first have to convert them. Kind of like how you can't convert an atheist by just telling him God exists. You have to convince him of God's existence through scientific means, since pretty much all atheists espouse science as the ultimate good in the world. 


  • do you want me to promote your facebook page on my tumblr?:)

    and do you need any help with the graphics?:)

    i'm more than happy to do that for you^^

  • @ Schonerdesaster

    Thanks but I'm not worrying about all that yet, not until I've got my first message together.

    Revelations 21:6

  • @ Just that Awesome

    Trying to prove God by scientific means is exactly what I hate doing.  I believe that God doesn't need me to prove He exists.  Also, that isn't important anyway.  Telling people the truth, that God loves you, that He sent His son to die for the world's sin, that's much more important.  That's what I'm called to do as a Christian, based on what the Bible tells me.

    Revelations 21:6

  • @JTA

    I know you're a brony, I'm gonna use this example.

    If someone tried to explain to you that My Little Pony was an awesome and amazing show and they told you about the animation, the characters, the voice acting, and the story, would you dive right into it? I know I had doubts about the show when I first heard about it. Only when I went to watch the show did I realize that it was truly a good show. This can apply to God as well, as people may reject the idea, get confused, maybe angry, and they won't really be able to see the true face of God until they walk into the always open doorway that is salvation.

    So, if I'm trying to save someone, I will usually tell them the door is always open and they should see for themselves what this is all about.

    If that makes any sense...

  • @ DefeatDeception

    Great explanation.  I don't believe at all that God calls us to win theological debates, just to open the door to Jesus for them.

    Revelations 21:6

  • Or prove He exists neither.

    Revelations 21:6

  • DefeatDeception:
    If that makes any sense...

    I believe I get what you're saying. (Believe me, I had apprehensions too, but in the end I checked it out.)

    Warlord, telling someone God loves them does nothing if they don't believe in him. Using the Bible to convince them won't work either, because they don't see it as the word of God. It's just a book to them. Heck, go onto r/atheism,  I guarantee there's at least two or three threads discussing how the Bible is false, how God doesn't exist, and how Christianity is utterly opposed to scientific progress. If we are to save souls, then we must get into the trenches. We have to bring God to them. Example: when India Asia were opened up by Portugese traders, missionaries were sent, but they were only able to convert people from the lowest castes. This was a problem until a man by the name of Robert de Nobili came along and used what's called "inculturation" to convert members of the upper castes, most notably the Brahmins. Nobili translated the Bible into Sanskrit (the language of the Brahmins) dressed as a Brahmin would and lived among them. Another man named Matteo Ricci did the same thing in China. By bringing Scripture and the Faith to the natives of those lands and making it accessible to them, they were able to build Christian communities that still exist to this day. 

    If we are to dispel the current notion that God is a fairytale, we must show them why he is not a fairytale. If you don't believe something exists, you can see its awesomeness and majesty. 

    Dear God I rambled. Apologies. 


  • I believe totally in bringing the truth to them.  That's just common sense, to be honest.  What I didn't agree with mostly was proving God with scientific proof.  Like I said, God doesn't need us to prove He exists.  He does it every day.  We, as Christians, are called to share the Gospels.  Jesus Himself told His disciples this.  Another description is planting a seed.  Let me explain.

    Say you're an atheist, but you don't outwardly hate or see Christians any differently.  So I, a Christian, come to you and tell you about God, His love, and what Jesus did to you, as well as the plan of salvation.  Being a respectful person, you listen to me go on and on and then go about your day.  Of course, you don't see the truth in anything I just said, but I just "planted a seed" to grow in you.

    Basically, "planting a seed" means opening the door for someone to receive salvation.  You present them with this relationship they can have and then your work is done.  From there, the Holy Spirit takes over but only if you open your heart.  This may come out of hardship or just curiosity, but at some point, you may remember my plea to you and seek someone, possibly me.

    What would I, the Christian, do after telling you all that?  It's simple.  My work is done then.  If we're friends, I'll continue to pray for you and be friends with you.  Then I won't worry, knowing that God works on His own time and that there's nothing more I can do to convince you.

    Pounding you with all this evidence in the cosmos and whatnot of God's existence makes it seem more like a debate and not a friendly, caring friend trying to get you from going somewhere they don't want you to go.  You know what I mean?

    Revelations 21:6

  • Yes, of course. We're arguing over whether it's a life preserver or a floatation device. 

    I came at it from the approach of openly debating people. You were talking about daily life and being an example. I couldn't agree more. (The way I read your post led me to believe that you were just saying "God loves you, have a nice day" [simplified paraphrase] and I apologize for that interpretation)

    Letting your actions speak for yourself and what you believe. Which is another thing I think people get wrong. They only see the people who's actions are bad (like those crazy cults who conspire to murder cops or picket soldier's funerals), so they get a jaded view of Christianity as a whole. 

    Anyway, cheers Warlord!


  • Oh man, this is like the third time an entire argument got started over interpretation...well, arguments that I'm a part of anyway.  Okay, good, conflict totally averted.

    Cheers JTA!

    Revelations 21:6

  • But still, I need Bible quotes, evidence and other things supporting the plan.  I've already got the Gospels.  I just need verses from the Old Testament and more from the New Testament please.

    Revelations 21:6

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