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This is the place to hang out with Christians who love gaming. If you are a Christian or an open-minded individual I encourage you to join and stay a while.

What's Spinnin'?

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  • I said I would say no more on the matter to prevent the seeds of discord from spreading their vines in this group. But as you continue to press the issue I feel inclined to speak up. I feel I must speak out about this constant talk of you being a Vulcan, I am skeptical of that fact. All I'm seeing is someone who is using the guise of a Vulcan to attack peoples opinions, preferences, and to make yourself superior to us all. This is all just my humble opinion, in the interest of keeping the peace,  apologies if I offended the most noble Spock.


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  • I can accept that. I do not take your criticisms of games personally, when did I ever give that impression? It just felt to me as though you were putting yourself above the rest of us. But I tend to perceive thing that aren't really there. It makes perfect sense to me, there is no need to explain why, I'm not as ignorant as I look haha. No hard feelings at all. Sorry if I stepped out of line with my earlier comment.


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  • Never though otherwise.

    So anyone have any other suggestions on what games I should try? I trust all your opinions more than just some random reviewer on the internet.


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  • Well, I like most genres aside from horror and puzzles, the genres that I tend to gravitate towards the most though would be RTS, RPGs and first-person, not necessarily shooters though. That's a tough question, I haven't been playing as much as I used to, lately I've been sinking a lot of time into Skyrim, Mount and Blade: Warband, and Supreme Commander.


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  • @Volt YES. Play Portal 1 & 2 now if you haven't already.

    Tuesday I got the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary collection, and today I got The Walking Dead Compendium One. I'm glad I was able to get enough money for the Street Fighter Collection. I've started reading the comics for the first time, but I'm trying to ration out the time I spend with it. I want the book to last a while.

  • Yes, I play Mount and Blade, it's a very good game, one of my favorites, sad that not many people play it. So much re-playability and some very good mods. Has anyone here besides me experienced it? Half-Life 2 and both Portals are on my backlog of games to buy. I've played them all at a friends before, but I have yet to get my own copies.


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  • I'd better get on it then! Haha

    (Well, you can always try the demo for free, of course you don't get the full experience, but you have complete freedom until you reach level five. It really has a great modding  community, if there's anything you feel could be improved, chances are someone's already improved it. I guess it's sort of a niche game, it has a good fan base, just not a very big one.)


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  • Yeah, I use my family's Dell computer. It won't run Crysis 2 but its get the job done on the indie games I get from the Humble Bundles.

  • I completely understand where you guys are coming from, I was in the same predicament until earlier this year. Though my PC is by no means high-end, I can still play Skyrim on high with the high resolution texture pack.


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