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What's Spinnin'?

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  • Woah woah woah!!! Bungie is not making Halo 4, so why even mention them?  343 Industries has taken over, in case you somehow did not know.  Also, did you read the review of Borderlands 2?  Even if you do not like it, you can't say it is a horrible game, because clearly you are in the minority!

  • Sorry, I think I may have misunderstood your comment about Borderlands 2.  Other than that, though, my point still stands.

  • Then who do you think could make a good game?

    You're being very selective in your reading of the Borderlands 2  review.  The character customization is profound, the humor writing is excellent, the world is rich, the UI is improved, and the gunplay is tight.  All that was described in the review, and I own the game, so I can personally attest that from what I've played, it is all true.

  • I don't want to argue anymore... Please understand that I am not saying your opinion is invalid, I'm just saying that you shouldn't judge a game before you've played it.

  • I personally like exploring, which is why I like open world games. I love going where I haven't been before, finding new places, the thrill of exploring, or in your words Spock, walking/driving around miles of deformed terrain. It is enjoyable for me, there is no need for it to be rewarding for it to be enjoyable to me. This is just me though, so I don't expect to have everyone agree with me, we're all going to enjoy different things and what I find fun you might not. But Spock, DON'T criticize our preferences as if we're ignorant, and are completely wrong for having our own unique preferences. I respect your opinion, but I don't have to agree with it, as you don't have to agree with mine, but I request that you respect our opinions and stop making it sound as though yours is superior to ours.

    This is all I'm saying on the matter, so enough of that!

    Zarg, sell me on Borderlands 2. I've been thinking about trying it , but I don't really know what it's like. I don't really keep up on the latest games, old habit I guess. Does it have lots of gun? Destructible environments? Open-world gameplay? I've been looking for good FPS for sometime now with all those things.      


    Now you're playing with power!

  • @Volt Devilray

    "Does it have lots of guns?"  It literally has millions of guns, if you think that is an overstatement, it's not!  It is open-world, and there are tons of quests that will keep you exploring to find more.  It's not incredibly destructible, but there are a lot of small objects you can destroy.  The art style is incredible.  If you've ever played a Diablo game, then you will be familiar with the insane amount of looting in the game.  Also, the humor is top-notch, although a little crude at some points.  Claptrap can tell a mean "Yo momma" joke.  There is a lot of character customization, and all three classes are relatively balanced and very useful.

  • Iv'e never played a Borderlands game, but it sounds like Mass Effect withdifferent themes. I'm definitely interested, but I dont have yhe cash to pick it up just yet, so I'll probably borrow it from a friend if I can first.

  • It's Closer to rage. It's really cartoony though

  • @Deception: Same here, I never played the original, never had anything that could play it till recently.

    @Zarg: Lots of gun? Sold! Personally I like a verity of weapons, weapons that suit my play style. Open-World? Sold! Quests? I don't need no stinking quests to make me explore! If anything I'll ignore the quests to explore on my own haha! More often than not that's how I play in Skyrim. The art style is very interesting to me.

    I've never played a Diablo game before. Tell me a bit about this "looting" you speak of. All in all, I think you sold me on it. One final question though, first or third person?


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  • @Volt

    You collect tons of guns, ammo, and items from fallen enemies, containers, and the environment.  Also, first person

  • First person? You, good sir, have officially sold me on the game.


    Now you're playing with power!

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