I wanted to start this thread because of the recent GI article about how everyone in the gaming industry and community needs to do something about the toxicity found often when playing online. The conversation started from this. There is a lot of controversy and otherwise mixed reception in the many comments.

I think one of the biggest problems here and elsewhere is that most people seem to throw insults rather than use peaceful, constructive criticism and debate whenever they disagree with something, especially on the Internet. Even with some of the people that agree, negative things like name calling and swearing are still being used, making them sound hypocritical.

How should we as Christians and gamers respond to this problem? How should we reply to some of the comments being made on these articles and others? What should be done, and how can we start creating a positive change? How can we become a part of this conversation effectively?

I just think discussing and brainstorming would be a good idea since lessons learned from this can help with life in general, talking about how all of us can better acknowledge and respect each other without bad arguments possibly breaking out. Please post what you think.

I hope everyone is having a good September so far. Have a great day! :)