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Questions regarding heaven...

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  • Here's an interesting article from Charles Stanley and the passage in Revelation describing heaven. 


    What do you think heaven is like?

    What will we do there?

    What will happen to our memories? Will we recognize loved ones?

    Let's add more questions as we go along, maybe about how heaven is related to the end times.

    Also let me know if this topic interests you. 


  •   Quite a bit to take in from the read.  Myself, I've never given it much thought as to what it will be like.  It may make me a poor Christian, but I always felt we had enough to contend with here on earth trying to be more Christ like then worry about our next residence.  Also, I figured why do I need to know more then what's been given?  He said there would be a place, a brief description was given, what's required to enter was also given, what more do I need?

      I'd like to think what we'll be doing there will be somewhat like life now, only different.  It's hard to imagine a life without suffering, without the constant doubts, and fear.  Then again, it's just as hard to imagine eternity and how we'll be spending that time.  Literally, I can't wrap my mind around a concept of eternity.  As time has always consisted of a beginning and ending with our existence taking place somewhere in between.  How does one comprehend existing beyond either point?  How will we deal with the absence of loved ones?  It's great to imagine everyone we ever cared for in this life will make it, but sadly, that's more then likely not the truth.  What we imagine of heaven based on what we've been told of the bible, there's still so much left we don't know and sadly never will until the time has come.  A part of me wonders if things like tech will be present, but I suspect that no, it will not.  Not because it can't, but because there would be no need.

      While somewhat unrelated, I'm kind of surprised by one thing.  Has anyone ever attempted to create heaven in minecraft as described?  It'd be quite interesting to say the least.  Thanks for the topic, if not for making me think, then for making me want to break out minecraft to see what I could do.

  • I'm always wary of trying to elaborate much about what heaven or hell is like.  It seems like, for the little that we are told about both in the Bible, the concepts of heaven and hell stimulate the imagination more than most of the other parts of Christianity.  There is an important distinction here.  When we read the words of someone like Dante Alighieri, author of the Divine Comedy, we must remind ourselves that we are reading at most a man's concept of heaven and hell.  The authors of the Bible, however, say very little about them.

    Nevertheless, I still have ideas of heaven and hell that come from philosophical concepts.  For example, heaven, as the dwelling place of God, is eternal.  Time, therefore, doesn't exist in heaven.  So what will we know as its inhabitants?  Personally, I believe that we will know all of what God knows about the universe and reality in heaven, but here is where the line must be drawn.  My personal belief come nowhere near orthodoxy, and I wouldn't teach it as truth.  In fact, I might at most think of this as a concept that I briefly consider and pass.  The Bible doesn't confirm or deny my thoughts on this, so there isn't much for me to say about it.

    I think that Christians would do best to trust what they are told about heaven from the One who created it.  There are questions about heaven that arise that we simply cannot answer, but that's fine.  We trust our souls in the One who knows everything about everything, so I see no problem in admitting a lack of knowledge in this area.

    1 Peter 3:15 (NASB): "But sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence."

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