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This is the place to hang out with Christians who love gaming. If you are a Christian or an open-minded individual I encourage you to join and stay a while.

Christian gaming

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  • As I'd asked in a previous posting about other subjects we may wish to discuss, I felt I should at least attempt to create a topic everyone could possibly enjoy and join in on.  If this has been mentioned before, please forgive me and lock it.

    As a gamer, do you ever set limits on what you will and wont play?  If so, why and what is your criteria in selecting what games you won't play?  Also, do you ever game at church?

  • I usually stay away from satanic games or ones that involve satanic beings. I used to play GTA back in the day and thought nothing of it, but GTAV I believe took things too far and I've also matured a little so I got rid of it. Glad I did. 

    What do you mean by game at church?

  • Gaming at church?  When I was young enough, the various youth groups would have activities where we'd stay over night and do stuff.  Gaming was sometimes one of our options.  Also, for charity events like extra life we'd play to help raise money.

  • I mostly tend to stay away from games with prominent sexual themes.

  • Most of the games I avoid tend to be extremely violent or sexual in nature.  There was a time, nothing really bothered me but that changed when I had kids in my life.  Loved playing Bayonetta, but when my step son wanted to see what I was playing, it just felt totally inappropriate playing it in front of him.  After that, I had to take a hard look at what I was playing and with who I was playing it with.  I still play the same games as always now, but I try to better pick games that don't feature content I wouldn't want kids to see.  Or at the very least, leave something to the imagination in their dialog.

  • I avoid certain games that are satanic and sexual usually, but I will use the, "Would you play this with Jesus sitting right next to you?" idea. I started doing that off of some advice from these very forums! XD Examples of games I've sold or avoided are GTA, Bayonetta, Catherine, and Devil May Cry.

  • Partly because of parents, and partially because I'm christian, I actually haven't played M games, and I'm not sure if I would want to even when I do turn 17. I don't think I'd be comfortable with a lot of content in M games.

  • I try and stay away from games that have a lot of mature content. Though I have played God of War and L.A. Noire. I don't game at church because when I'm there, I wanna strengthen my faith and expand my knowledge when it comes to Scripture. Having games or any form of entertainment in my mind takes that away. But that's just me.

  • I can definitely understand that reasoning.  During Sunday and Wednesday services, I don't care to bring anything out remotely gaming related.  Not only is it distracting, it's also disrespectful to the pastor.  It's during extra events like youth lock ins.  Or concerts.  Then, I don't mind.  

  • This is a tough subject. As long as you don't let media like video games affect who you are and what you believe in, it's not really a problem I think. Most games in general have varying degrees of violence and sometimes sexuality.

    They're not to be taken seriously because they're fictional entertainment. Towards the end of Xenoblade Chronicles, for example, had controversial religious themes, but that wasn't the main focus of the story. It was about the friendships Shulk made and strengthen along the way.

    Also, I've never played video games at church.

  • The ending hours of Xenoblade was somewhat unconfortable for me to play through with how much they kept saying "This world has no need for gods."

  • @TheDarkestLink - It was uncomfortable for me too. It's certainly not what anyone would expect from the beginning of the game. I didn't like the ending, but the other parts of Xenoblade Chronicles were good.

  • I have never set limits on what i will and wont play only because I have never been in a situation where a game crossed that line for me, so far. However, I do make the choice to not play certain games around people that it may offend out of the idea of not making my neighbor stumble. Though something doesn't effect me I try to make sure that what I play wont effect those around me. For instance my wife gets scared easily so I wont play a game with jump scars or themes that might make her have a nightmare.

    As for gaming in church, i sure do. its a great way to make new friends and to build up relationships with like minded gamers

  • @Mo- that's how I feel about them. There are some games I won't play around my little sister for that reason.

    Not many people from my church game. My Pastor loves Mario, so sometimes he will bring his Wii over when we have our New Year's Eve service and game night. That's usually the only time I game at church, though.

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