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Christian Documentary on Sexuality

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  • I found this documentary on Sexuality, and I believe that anyone who watches it will be better off. I also would like to have some discussion on the people who were interviewed and some of the issues it brings up. It is pretty long (1.5 hrs.) but it is more than worth it. I will put in the time codes of the interviews so that you can skip to certain people if you would like, but I encourage everyone to watch all of it because every interview offers new insights and perspectives




    To start the discussion I would like to ask the following questions:

    Are there any Christians in this video that you feel are dealing with today's issues of sexuality correctly? Which ones, if any, seem to be doing it well and which seem to not be doing it well?


    After watching John Carswell interview, does it sound like his family dealt with his lesbian sister in a Christian way?


    Thoele Sarradet: How can we Christians minister to people like Thoele, who have not only seen what the church as to offer and not put faith in it, but also been hurt by the church?


    Finally, isn't Lavonia just the sweetest old lady you have ever seen?


    These are the time codes. Keep in mind that one of the big things in this documentary is that all of these people are more than just their sexual identity, so please look past the restrictive labels that I have put on them.

    6:34 Debrah Goodman: Out & Proud non-christian lesbian

    11:02 Donald Wright: Celibate Christian Homosexual

    18:55 Dianne and Wendell Merritt: Christian Parents of a gay son

    25:55 Robert Jeffress Straight Pastor who denounces homosexuality

    29:36 Dawson Taylor Homosexual Pastor

    36:30 Thoele Sarradet Non-Christian Transgender female (biological male who identifies as a female)

    40:45 Marisa Sifuentes & Cynthia Culver Ex-lesbian(?) and the friend who brought her to Christ and to stop living a homosexual lifestyle

    50:00 John Carswell Christian brother of a lesbian/transgender

    55:00 Trista Carr Christian who pursues relationships with other women but doesn't claim the title of lesbian

    1:02:45 Julie Rodgers Celibate Christian lesbian

    1:10:53 Michael Albert Agnostic Homosexual who works to bridge the gap between the LGBT community and the evangelical church

    1:18:35 Lavonia Lewis Ninty-Five year old church goer


  • I won't have time to watch the documentary for a while, but I would like to share my thoughts on Christianity and sexuality.

    I feel like, in general, Christianity does a horrendous job of addressing and dealing with sexuality.  Kids are often brought up thinking that "sex" is a dirty word, and homosexuality is akin to murder.  I grew up that way, but fortunately I have been able to experience life outside of a homogenously Christian environment for the last few years.

    Before going to college, all of my friends were straight, white, Christian and mostly male. As such, I had a very limited understanding of life.  Now, I have friends that are black, hispanic, female, atheist, agnostic, gay, asexual and bisexual.  While I'll never understand exactly what it's like to be any of them, I can see that what I thought of the world before meeting them was incomplete and ignorant.  I used to rally behind my friends who were condemning homosexuals to hell, but now I support my friends whenever they have to deal with assholes like them.

    As I said earlier, I was raised in a homogenous environment.  Everyone held the same views, and any discussion simply became an echo chamber.  If you find yourself in a homogenous environment, please find SOMEONE that is different and befriend them.  Homogenous environments kill individuality and force conformity, instead of encouraging personal growth and exploration.

    My last thought is, love each other.  If you genuinely believe that homosexuality is a sin, talk to people about it in a loving, peaceful way.  Don't try to force your beliefs on others.  Just talking can do wonders if done in good faith and friendship.  If you don't believe that homosexuality is a sin, don't belittle those that do.  Westboro Baptist Church is a den of ignorance and hatred, but wishing that they'd die or any other ill will is a sin tantamount to murder (Matthew 5:22).  So, love each other like Jesus loves us.

  • That's probably the best stance I've seen on homosexuality.

  • TheDarkestLink, Is that addressed to me or the video?

  • That was addressed to you.

  • I'm sorry, but I don't have enough time to watch the documentary at them moment.  I'll try to watch it this weekend if I can.

    I disagree that Christianity has done a bad job of presenting sexuality.  Christians, particularly American Christians in general, have done a terrible job of presenting the Christian view of sexuality, but Christianity as a worldview has a very full and positive view of sexuality.  God designed sex as humans see it as a sacred act meant to be celebrated within the relational context of marriage.  Something as sacred as sex, which is done by such a sacred creature as humans, must reside within the sacred context of marriage.  The issue here, as Ravi Zacharias puts so well, is sacredness.  Thus, our issue with topics such as homosexuality, premarital sex, etc. is that they break what is sacred.  I, personally, do not oppose homosexuality any more than I oppose premarital sex.  They are the same type of sin committed against the same sacred things.  

    These are the places where Christians have messed up.  We're great at expressing our view against homosexuality, but we often cannot explain why we are against homosexuality.  Just as important is the fact that many Christians treat homosexuality as if it's the worst of the worst.  What we fail to address is that homosexuality is not the core problem; it is a reflection of the core problem, which is the sinful nature and inherent rebellion of the sinner in his heart.  That is the problem that we should emphasize, and we could address it by first addressing homosexuality or adultery in general.

    Our third and largest problem is the hatred of Christians against homosexuals.  I could address this in detail, but I think that sorryjzargo did a good job in his comment.

    1 Peter 3:15 (NASB): "But sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence."

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