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This is the place to hang out with Christians who love gaming. If you are a Christian or an open-minded individual I encourage you to join and stay a while.


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  • What do you mean we hold the line, though?  Do you mean that we spread the Word to others for them to hear?

    Revelations 21:6

  • It means that when the world says the X is right, (but it is clearly wrong) we say that X is wrong, no matter what others say. 


  • Okay, I get it now.

    Revelations 21:6

  • I agree with warlord and JTA, by not believing the entirety of the Bible, you compromise the truth of the most important parts.

    As for the sin of homosexuality, here's my take on it.

    As a Christian, we have two responsibilities as told by the Bible: develop our relationship with Jesus and spread the Gospel.  All sin separates us from God, and only accepting Jesus as our Savior can reunite us with God.  Once we have accepted him, there is nothing we could do to separate us from Him again.  However, that is just the first step.

    Once we have been saved, then it is our responsibility to develop our relationship with God.  Sin is a hindrance to that relationship, and as long as we continue to practice our sin, we cannot grow closer to God.  The Bible says that homosexuality is a sin, and when homosexuality is in someone's life (same as lust, lying, pride, etc.), it hampers their relationship with God.  Without a close relationship with God, how can we hope to bring others to Him?

  • Again, well put. Why can't I get all my thoughts together like this (rhetorical question)?

    Revelations 21:6

  • Volt you are too kind :) I just feel like my posts are too long.

  • @Awesome: Well, they do, at the very least better then mine haha.

    @Ham: No, I'm not haha. Don't worry about your posts, they're good reads!

    @Jzargo, well put, very well put.  

    @Warlord: Hahaha, same here!


    Now you're playing with power!

  • Totally agree with you on every level here. I just want to add a few bits to the discussion.

    It feels to me that a lot of Homophobia is incurred from the older generations as they were typically more segregated in thinking. Once the post modernist generation takes over, the worldly view will more than likely become, "Homosexuality is A-OK". Unfortunately we will not be allowed to believe that. When I say unfortunately, I mean we will more than likely be persecuted for not believing that. The thing is we have to learn how to deal with the issue in a non-offensive way.

    The thing to realize here is "Like you said homosexuality is wrong", BUT it's no different than another sin in the world. As with all sin it  will exist till the end of days pretty much no matter what. If we can learn to tolerate the issue, while not accepting it, despite persecution, we may be able to make it to a better level of loving rather than condemning homosexuality.

    "What we do in life, echoes in eternity"

  • I actually feel bad for gay and lesbian people for all of the hate that they get. All I think about is how disgusted god is with the people who are treating gay and lesbian people badly.

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