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New Episode Thread [SPOILERS!]

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  • Newest episode leaves a lot open in the air. A good cliffhanger, that's for sure. What is going to happen to Team Avatar?

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  • Loved the episode. We now have a parallel to the last series (three different benders, two of which share a common gender, and one non bender.) and I'm not sure which avatar team has the cooler vehicle. 

    Anyway, I'm beginning to think Tarloc may be the son of Sokka. (yeah, it's far fetched, and it doesn't make much sense, but Katara was/is one of the most powerful benders, him being her nephew is the only explanation as to how he knows blood bending, and how he did it with out a full moon.) 

    Done rambling. 


  • That new episode was SOOOOOO amazing!!!  Bloodbending is super OP, yet Amon just walked through it like a boss!  What is he?  Possibly another bloodbender?  Some new type of bender?  Or just super strong...

    We're already at the season finale though, and I'm going to be sad when it ends.  I hope they don't reveal Amon's identity, and have a strong feeling Korra is FINALLY going to go into Avatar State and just dominate everything.



  • Really! they just rushed through the Tarrlock story. Its like they got rid of him ASAP, i thought it would be the secretly evil government official verses the unstoppable equalist versus team avatar. But it ends up like this team avatar versus the equalist again, but i guess I'm ok with that seeing that asami might turn evil.

  • Well, calling that finale excellent would be a huge understatment. I couldn't have asked for a better way to sum up the season, definitely exceeded any expectations i had for the show, as a finale or in total. That was the best thing i have seen on TV in years, bar none, and I cant wait for season 2.

  • I knew that Amon was a relative of Tarlokk because he was able to resist the blood bending. However, I thought it was Yakone because he had said that he would get revenge. But Amon as Tarlokk's brother...I liked that twist.  I also quite enjoyed Korra finding her airbending and then getting all of her powers back AND getting the power to restore peoples powers.  Also also also, Meelo's shout of "PRISON BREAK!" was absolutely hilarious.



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