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If your new to Assassins Creed, these are the things that you should know: The Assassins are an organized order of assassins and enemies of the Templars, against whom they fought a continuous, albeit secret war, throughout entire recorded history. Whereas the Templars seek the power to save humanity from itself by controlling free will, the Assassin Order fight to ensure the survival of free will and lived by the word of "Nothing Is True Everything Is Permitted", as it allowed for the progression of new ideas and the growth of individuality. The Assassins, if not the order itself, existed since at least 456 B.C.E., throughout the Roman Era, the Middle Ages, the Italian Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution and into the early 21st Century. 


                   The crest of the Templars

Next, are the Templars, the Templar Order or also known as the Order of the Knights Templar, were a monastic military order-turned-corporate giant, which was formed during the prehistoric era. as stated above the Assassins are sworn to stop the Templars and there goal in which they want to create a perfect world through the use of PE's (Pieces of Eden.) Using these objects would put the entire world under mind-controlled and thus is in conflict with the Assassins teachings of free will. Due to the difference in ideology, the Templars became involved in a covert war against the Assassins, spanning centuries, with the Assassins belief being that mankind should always have the ability to choose; to have the freedom of liberty, even if it meant accepting that humanity would always be flawed in their ways. In the 21st Century the Templars have evolved into the mega corporation known as Abstergo Industries.

The Logo for Abstergo Industries

Abstergo founded in 1937, Abstergo Industries was actually one small part of the Templar scheme to control the world through capitalism and scientific progress. Abstergo's origins lie in the perfection of the assembly line by Templar leaders Henry Ford and Ransom Olds at the turn of the 20th century. The assembly line was an early means to control both workers and the capitalists who employed them, and it represented the first step in the Templar goal to subjugate the world through economics. In 1910, Templar leaders, including Ford and Olds, formulated the "Plan." This Plan combined economics, politics, and military conflict as a means to make the world safe for Templar rule. The defeat of Communism was a key part of the Plan, as it represented both an ideological and economic threat to the success of the Templar world vision. In 1937, the formulators of the Plan, as well as fellow Templar and President of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt, established Abstergo Industries as a front for their activities, and as a means to accumulate wealth and accelerate scientific progress. Largely anonymous, Abstergo leadership claimed their duty was to "shepherd those beneath us through life, even if force is required." During World War II, Abstergo remained quiet, but kept track of the progress made abroad by Templar members "H" and "S" (Adolf Hitler and Joesph Stalin). At home, Abstergo and other Templar-controlled corporations ceded rights to its workers and their labor unions, but only as a means to tie the people closer to the Templar capitalist vision. By 1944, Abstergo and the Templars were prepared for the inevitable postwar era, an era where they would "ensure the development continues in the proper direction."

Abstergo's Introduction

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In the 21st Century Abstergo created a device that allowed the user to relive their ancestors memory in full three dimensions and project it onto an external screen. The machine was used in the company's Animus Project, in which subjects' memories were analyzed for many reasons; including gathering information on the Assassin Order or Pieces of Eden, as well as training Abstergo recruits as you've seen in the video.

Desmond Miles in the Animus 2.0

But be warned there are "Side Effects" that come with staying in the Animus for long periods of time. The user if let in the Animus too long begins to experience a fusion of their own real-time memories, and their ancestors, leading to difficulties in distinguishing between the two. In severe cases, this eventually resulted in mental breakdown.

Earlier there were mentions of Pieces of Eden, these are pieces of technological development seen throughout history alongside many historical figures(such as the christ figure, king arthur,ect.), created by the First Civilization (Also know as Those Who Came Before) a race of advanced people, who throughout history were believed to be gods, that created humanity. The First Civilization were created very similar to humans, although they were taller and their skulls were approximately 30% larger which gave them a longer lifespan . It is theorized that their larger skulls housed bigger brains, which could explain why they possessed six senses, allowing for a more sophisticated perception of space and time. The First Civilization enslaved the humanity using the Pieces of Eden more specifically a Apple of Eden. Eventually two people named Adam and Eve (Yes, THE Adam and Eve) stole the Apple and started a war with the First Civilization. While the First Civilization were more technologically advanced and powerful, humanity had the advantage of numbers(this due to the members of the first civilization having a longer reproduction/gestation cycle); most likely outnumbering their creators by the millions, far too much for the Pieces of Eden to effectively handle. 



Adam and Eve stealing the Apple of Eden

Eventually the war led to what they refer to as "The Catastrophe (The Earth being scorched by a Solar Flare) In the aftermath of the event, the remaining people: First Civilization and Humans alike, began rebuilding the world, but the First Civilization was headed towards extinction and eventually did.

The known locations for Pieces of Eden are: 


  1. Giza, Egypt
  2. Lake Victoria, Africa, more on the Kenyan side
  3. The Gambia River, Gambia
  4. Timbuktu, Mali
  5. Taza, Morocco
  6. Canary Islands, Spain
  7. The Southern tip of the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia, near the volcano of Opala
  8. Odessa, Ukraine
  9. Kharkiv, Ukraine
  10. Rennes-le-Château, France
  11. Salisbury Plain, England (presumably at Stonehenge)
  12. Loch Ness, Scotland
  13. Maroantsetra, Madagascar
  14. Nara, Japan
  15. Somewhere close to Goodhouse, South Africa, near the border between South Africa and Namibia
  16. Inside or nearby Boston, Massachusetts, United States
  17. Delhi, India or the Taj Mahal in India, a short distance south of Delhi
  18. Persepolis, modern day Shiraz, Iran
  19. Jerusalem, Israel (possibly the Second Apple)
  20. Around the area of the Igara Parana River, Colombia
  21. Nazca, Perú
  22. South-western Sri Lanka
  23. Hellissandur, Iceland
  24. The area of Sabiene Island, Nunavut, Canada
  25. Around Phoenix, Arizona, United States
  26. Washington, D.C., United States
  27. Juneau, Alaska, United States
  28. In Padang West Sumatera and about Mid until East Java island, Indonesia
  29. The middle of the South Pacific Ocean
  30. The Pacific Ocean, close to the coast of Mexico
  31. The South Pacific Ocean, near the coast of the Easter Island and Chile
  32. The Atlantic Ocean, in an area where Atlantis was believed to have existed
  33. The Atlantic Ocean, a few hundred miles off the coast of Brazil
  34. The Antarctic Ocean, on the side of Antarctica facing up towards the Atlantic
  35. The Indian Ocean, almost cross sectioned with the tips of India, Africa and the southwestern tip of Australia - a small island called Ile Amsterdam
  36. The Antarctic Ocean, the side of the Antarctic ocean that faces up towards the Indian Ocean
  37. Arkangelsk, Russia
  38. Andorra le Vella, Andorra
  39. Sao Paulo, Brazil
  40. Barrow, Alaska
  41. La Rioja, Argentina
  42. Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia
  43. Uluru/Ayers Rock, Northern Territory, Australia
  44. Somewhere in Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia
  45. Beijing, China
  46. Somewhere in the Altay Mountains in southwestern Mongolia
  47. Somewhere along the northern Coast of Chukotka province, Russia
  48. An area close to Tiksi, Russia

To go into more detail about the P.O.E. In the beginning the P.O.E were the only technological development (besides humanity) to be created by the First Civilization,have a long history that punctuate the tales of humanity. However, whether humanity was created to be susceptible to the effects of the Pieces of Eden, or if the Pieces were created after humanity remains unknown;Minerva attributed the initial period of peace between humanity and their "gods" to the effects of the Pieces of Eden.



Besides the Apples of Eden, the First Civilization created many more Pieces of Eden. Some of these affected humanity in similar ways, whilst others affected nature and even time itself. The 1st-5th and Ezio's Apple were all capable of controlling the minds of men, creating illusions and, to a degree, permitted physical control over said minds; the Apples could all be used in conjunction with a Staff, which increased the abilities of both Pieces. Other Pieces included the Shroud, whose properties included the ability to heal the wounds of those it touched, the Ankh, capable of resurrecting the dead, and the Sword, a Piece that would pass through the hands of many great rulers through the centuries, including King Arthur and Attila the Hun. The Crystal Skulls, Pieces that were scattered throughout Central and Southern America, allowed for truly wireless, unassisted telepathic communication between the holders of each Skull. At one point, a Crystal Skull came into the possession of Giovanni Borgia, who made use of its power in 1542. According to e-mails read by Desmond Miles in 2012, at least one Piece of Eden existed that granted the ability to manipulate time. Concerns over possible paradoxes, however, led to Abstergo Industries locking it away.

2 of the many Pieces of Eden.

The Assassins Search comes to a close as they find a Piece of Eden.