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A place for fans of the Assassin's Creed Series to gather, discuss, participate, and join our GI Brotherhood!

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  • Forum Post: It's been awhile

    Hey guys, I'm sorry that I've disappeared for awhile.Things have gotten busy in real life between car issues and my daughter getting older and me and tempted are expecting twin boys in the upcoming months. So with everything going on I've been neglecting the group alot, and therefor leads...
  • Forum Post: Re: Titles And Current Group Standings

    Ok updated the map. Only two major differences: The addition of Mercenary of Death to the map (first assassin of 2013) And a MAJOR correction to the map. Apparently I had Mr. Exclusive in the wrong area this whole time, (since the first map I had him somewhere in sweeden) and I'm sorry.
  • Forum Post: Re: Assassin profiles page!

    Civilian look Name/Codename: The Merchant of Death/ Linga Lupus (timber wolf, Latin) Civilian Name: Michael Archangelus (brother of Antonio Wethersby, changed name for personal reasons) Age: 28 Rank (title): Novice Weapon of Choice: dual hidden-blade modified armstar guantlets (connor-style hidden blades...
  • Forum Post: Re: Titles And Current Group Standings

    Ok everyone I know its been awhile but here is the latest map update. (actually smiled when seeing this) Included in update: Umbra's changed location Nightcrawlerash's location Propietary windmill's location Also will be updating the titles section soon. (mostly just additions)
  • Forum Post: Stat Card updates

    The thread to put your customized stat cards and where I will update them after sessions.
  • Blog Post: Assassin Hall of Fame (part 1)

    Here is our first hall of fame celebrating our first 25 members who cemented our first milestone. (also can serve as a guide to new members as a way to see what's already taken) Cybertronian Assassin il lupo/ Antonio Wethersby Flag of his assassins Stats: ◦Age: 32 ◦Rank (title): Il Mentore ◦Weapon...
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