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A place for fans of the Assassin's Creed Series to gather, discuss, participate, and join our GI Brotherhood!

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  • Forum Post: What is your Favorite Armor/Outfit in the AC series?

    Well each game (with the exception of the first I think) has given us the option of dying our outfit or upgrading to better armors. Connor was mostly restricted to outfit changes because the change in the health system made a lack of need for armor. Personally I didn't like most of the outfits but...
  • Forum Post: Apologies/Under construction

    First off I would like to wish everyone Happy holidays! I would like to apologize to everyone that this group had become comatose within the past month or so. I have been very busy this holiday season and just managed to get a break now. (also yes the baby did have a good 1st Christmas!) Also thank you...
  • Forum Post: Customizing our Blades

    (Ok this thread comes as a direct result of a convo with volpe in the profile thread) Throughout history and the AC series, the hidden blades have been customized depending on their weilder. Altair's was a standard one that required the removal of a ring finger in order to work. Ezio's had gone...
  • Wiki Page: The Assassins Brotherhood Wiki (Liberalis Circulum)

    Hello and welcome to the Assassins Creed Wiki. This wiki has all the info you could possibly need to learn more about the Assassins Creed Universe. If your new to Assassins Creed, these are the things that you should know: The Assassins are an organized order of assassins and enemies of the Templars...
  • Forum Post: Artistic demand!

    Ok here is my thoughts. Just as Ezio had leonardo to satisfy his artistic and developmental needs, I believe that we need one as well. The reasoning for this is that I believe that we need unique pics ac related on here and also there is another project that I have in the works that requires someone...
  • Forum Post: Re: Items/Weapons of the modern assassin

    Alright sorry it took me awhile to find another good one. First Need Trav-L-Pure Portable Water Purifier For those missions that leave you out in the open or in an unknown area for along time a portable water purifier could mean the difference between life and death for an assassin. You really never...
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