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A place for fans of the Assassin's Creed Series to gather, discuss, participate, and join our GI Brotherhood!

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  • Forum Post: Re: Titles And Current Group Standings

    Ok updated the map. Only two major differences: The addition of Mercenary of Death to the map (first assassin of 2013) And a MAJOR correction to the map. Apparently I had Mr. Exclusive in the wrong area this whole time, (since the first map I had him somewhere in sweeden) and I'm sorry.
  • Forum Post: AC3 Aftermath (SPOILER TAG)

    No doubt this moment ^^^ is a story/game changer Ok this thread is to discuss our opnions in the aftermath of AC3 and any theories/predictions of future installments in the series.
  • Forum Post: Apologies/Under construction

    First off I would like to wish everyone Happy holidays! I would like to apologize to everyone that this group had become comatose within the past month or so. I have been very busy this holiday season and just managed to get a break now. (also yes the baby did have a good 1st Christmas!) Also thank you...
  • Forum Post: Clan Enlistment Page!

    As the title says, this is where you enlist your name to be apart of our PS3 clan (as determined by voting). Coolagoon will be leading the clan and we are working on name ideas and a logo. (open to suggestions for the name) Roster : Coolagoon (leader) Adventure Seeker 1 Darkbatghost
  • Forum Post: Re: Titles And Current Group Standings

    ok I'm going to get this in while I have a breather. (one after another with a new profile is hard to keep up with lol) Ok 24 with a profile now! One more and we can have our first milestone celebration! Maybe it'll be just in time for ac3!
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