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A place for fans of the Assassin's Creed Series to gather, discuss, participate, and join our GI Brotherhood!

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  • Forum Post: It's been awhile

    Hey guys, I'm sorry that I've disappeared for awhile.Things have gotten busy in real life between car issues and my daughter getting older and me and tempted are expecting twin boys in the upcoming months. So with everything going on I've been neglecting the group alot, and therefor leads...
  • Forum Post: Re: Titles And Current Group Standings

    Ok updated the map. Only two major differences: The addition of Mercenary of Death to the map (first assassin of 2013) And a MAJOR correction to the map. Apparently I had Mr. Exclusive in the wrong area this whole time, (since the first map I had him somewhere in sweeden) and I'm sorry.
  • Forum Post: Re: Assassin profiles page!

    Civilian look Name/Codename: The Merchant of Death/ Linga Lupus (timber wolf, Latin) Civilian Name: Michael Archangelus (brother of Antonio Wethersby, changed name for personal reasons) Age: 28 Rank (title): Novice Weapon of Choice: dual hidden-blade modified armstar guantlets (connor-style hidden blades...
  • Forum Post: Re: Titles And Current Group Standings

    Ok everyone I know its been awhile but here is the latest map update. (actually smiled when seeing this) Included in update: Umbra's changed location Nightcrawlerash's location Propietary windmill's location Also will be updating the titles section soon. (mostly just additions)
  • Forum Post: AC3 Aftermath (SPOILER TAG)

    No doubt this moment ^^^ is a story/game changer Ok this thread is to discuss our opnions in the aftermath of AC3 and any theories/predictions of future installments in the series.
  • Forum Post: Apologies/Under construction

    First off I would like to wish everyone Happy holidays! I would like to apologize to everyone that this group had become comatose within the past month or so. I have been very busy this holiday season and just managed to get a break now. (also yes the baby did have a good 1st Christmas!) Also thank you...
  • Forum Post: Clan Enlistment Page!

    As the title says, this is where you enlist your name to be apart of our PS3 clan (as determined by voting). Coolagoon will be leading the clan and we are working on name ideas and a logo. (open to suggestions for the name) Roster : Coolagoon (leader) Adventure Seeker 1 Darkbatghost
  • Forum Post: Re: Titles And Current Group Standings

    ok I'm going to get this in while I have a breather. (one after another with a new profile is hard to keep up with lol) Ok 24 with a profile now! One more and we can have our first milestone celebration! Maybe it'll be just in time for ac3!
  • Forum Post: Opnion poll

    Would you like to do a RP with our Assassins we've made? Yes (50%) No (18.8%) Maybe (31.3%) Sure but I've never RP'ed before (0%) Total Votes: 16
  • Forum Post: Multiplayer Poll

    Which multiplayer option do you prefer? Yes, PS3 (57.1%) Yes, XBOX 360 (14.3%) No I don't want to participate (28.6%) Total Votes: 14
  • Forum Post: Customizing our Blades

    (Ok this thread comes as a direct result of a convo with volpe in the profile thread) Throughout history and the AC series, the hidden blades have been customized depending on their weilder. Altair's was a standard one that required the removal of a ring finger in order to work. Ezio's had gone...
  • Forum Post: Titles And Current Group Standings

    Ok this is to show where members currently stand (including new titles for members) within the group and also I can get help with others. Also I might be adding people to current job titles but the original member to hold the title will be the main jobholder (which will be signified by an addition to...
  • Forum Post: Artistic demand!

    Ok here is my thoughts. Just as Ezio had leonardo to satisfy his artistic and developmental needs, I believe that we need one as well. The reasoning for this is that I believe that we need unique pics ac related on here and also there is another project that I have in the works that requires someone...
  • Forum Post: Re: Items/Weapons of the modern assassin

    Alright sorry it took me awhile to find another good one. First Need Trav-L-Pure Portable Water Purifier For those missions that leave you out in the open or in an unknown area for along time a portable water purifier could mean the difference between life and death for an assassin. You really never...
  • Forum Post: Back to School Special!

    Ok. Unfortunately for most of you, school is literally just around the corner wether it's elementary, jr./high school, college, or a trade/vocational school. Which means that we as a group stand to lose the activity of a sizable chunk of our members (most likely), if we haven't already. But this...
  • Forum Post: New members page (welcome to the brotherhood)

    Just decided this would be a good way for new members to get their feet wet, meet other new members, and ask questions to the older members about what's going on. Also I am on here fairly often for those who need help with making their profiles or need help with finding pictures for them. We are...
  • Forum Post: Items/Weapons of the modern assassin

    Just a thread to showcase modern technology that no assassin should be without! I'll try doing it as a weekly showcase with something new each week. First off: The Armstar Guantlet A revolutionary futuristic design for protection; the armstar gauntlet essentially makes your arm and/or fist into a...
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