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A place for fans of the Assassin's Creed Series to gather, discuss, participate, and join our GI Brotherhood!

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  • Forum Post: Customizing our Blades

    (Ok this thread comes as a direct result of a convo with volpe in the profile thread) Throughout history and the AC series, the hidden blades have been customized depending on their weilder. Altair's was a standard one that required the removal of a ring finger in order to work. Ezio's had gone...
  • Forum Post: Assassin's Recruitment Drive

    Ok this thread has been created as a joint effort between me and The Rainbow Spector. We are disapointed to see that this group, for the most part, is dying minus the few posts here and there by other members and are looking for help in revitilizing the group/bringing in new members. I mean honestly...
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