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A place for fans of the Assassin's Creed Series to gather, discuss, participate, and join our GI Brotherhood!

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  • Forum Post: What is your Favorite Armor/Outfit in the AC series?

    Well each game (with the exception of the first I think) has given us the option of dying our outfit or upgrading to better armors. Connor was mostly restricted to outfit changes because the change in the health system made a lack of need for armor. Personally I didn't like most of the outfits but...
  • Forum Post: AC3 Aftermath (SPOILER TAG)

    No doubt this moment ^^^ is a story/game changer Ok this thread is to discuss our opnions in the aftermath of AC3 and any theories/predictions of future installments in the series.

    For AC3 if you have a 360 and want to join our clan enter your GI name and Gamer-Tag here.
  • Forum Post: Re: Assassin profiles page!

    Civilian Appearance. Name/Codename:Proprietary Windmill/Corvo (Crow or Raven in Latin) Civilian Name: Forrest Romine Rank: Novice Weapon(s) of Choice: Hidden Blade (dagger modification like Connor Kenway's) and a pistol Secondary Weapon: anything that make my opponents bleed. Colors: Black and Brown...
  • Forum Post: The Trivia Contest

    As part of the celebration of the 25 profiles milestone, I am glad to present to the members of the Assassin's Creed group, the Trivia Contest! Shown below are a couple of Assassin's Creed Trivia Questions that you can answer. The winner will be PM'd with two badges that he or she can choose...
  • Forum Post: Re: Assassins Creed 3

    Hey did you guys see the latest trailers GI released recently featuring connor's history. Theres also a new interview about both ac3 and libreation. Also read the article about the season pass DLC featuring King Washington!
  • Forum Post: Customizing our Blades

    (Ok this thread comes as a direct result of a convo with volpe in the profile thread) Throughout history and the AC series, the hidden blades have been customized depending on their weilder. Altair's was a standard one that required the removal of a ring finger in order to work. Ezio's had gone...
  • Forum Post: Assassin's Recruitment Drive

    Ok this thread has been created as a joint effort between me and The Rainbow Spector. We are disapointed to see that this group, for the most part, is dying minus the few posts here and there by other members and are looking for help in revitilizing the group/bringing in new members. I mean honestly...
  • Forum Post: Hidden blade in AC3

    Here is a pic of Matt Miller interviewing senior producer François Pelland and you will be able to see a wallpaper in the backgorund of an assassin (supposedly to be Connor) with the tomahawk in his right hand and the hidden blade out in his left: Here a closer look: As we can see, the hidden...
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