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It's been awhile

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  • Hey guys, I'm sorry that I've disappeared for awhile.Things have gotten busy in real life between car issues and my daughter getting older and me and tempted are expecting twin boys in the upcoming months.

    So with everything going on I've been neglecting the group alot, and therefor leads me to the next point that I will be stepping down from my leadership position here.

    I still love the group and the series alot, I just won't have as much time for it in the very near future.

    Going by my previous list, my succesor would be Mr. Exclusive, but I'm not sure if hes busy visiting italy still or what else is going on. My suggestion is that the fairest thing to do would be to have another election for my leadership and ownership of the group, and quite possibly for the other 2 ownership positions as well as they have been inactive or busy as well.

    I will hold on to my position until a decision has been made by the group, and will try to remain a semi-active member once my position has been passed on.

    Vittoria per gli Assassini!

  • yeah I'm sorry I disappeared too guys, I've been playing SWTOR and a lot of real life stuff has gotten in the way as well. I'll try to be semi active as well but i do have a lot of things going on. But I think to be fair we've all taken a break, so no need to rush back in. We'll come back, but at our own pace, is that alright with you CA?

  • Hey guys and gals! I think it wouldn't be exactly ideal for me to run the Group. I'm starting school in August and working on my Comic. Plus, I wouldn't want to mess up the group in anyway. I'll still be on often but, just quick little pop-ins. :)

    Connection Is Power

  • @AS1

    You're right everyone has been busy or away for a long time. We should take it slow.

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