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Pro tips

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  • This is something my clan, The Abstergo Elite, posts on their website so I have decided to post one of my own. Others can feel free to share their pro tips too.

    This isn't exactly a "pro tip" but more of a bit of useful information you could use:

    (NOTE: This is an excerpt of my pro tip guide I posted on The ACR guides. http://www.gameinformer.com/games/assassins_creed_revelations/w/guides/pro-tips.aspx)


    This is something only the most skilled players can master. It isn't hard to get, but when the stars align, it can give you a 600 point bonus (extreme variety). Everyone has gotten variety every once in a while, but it's hard to tell what it actually is.  When you get certain bonuses (Stun, lure, ground finish, revive, aerial kill, acrobatic kill, grab kill, hidden kill, grounded, reckless, discreet, silent, incognito,  focus, etc.), they all will start building up for variety (200), then greater variety (400), then extreme variety bonuses (600).

    Variety makes it all the more important to get focus, ground finish, hidden, aerial, and acrobatic; these are some of the easier bonuses to keep in mind, and abilities make it even more doable.

    Note that bonuses do not stack (getting 2 focus bonuses will not contribute twice)

    If you die, the count will not reset

    Variety: 5 different bonuses

    Greater variety: 10 different bonuses

    Extreme variety: 15 different bonuses

    Look forward for more pro tips in the future.

  • this thread will help me a lot as I'm trying to play as much multiplayer as I can before AC3 comes out so I can be extremely good at multiplayer and not completely sucking every time.

  • Good idea coolagoon

    Vittoria per gli Assassini!

  • Oh is that multiplayer? No wonder I have no idea what points you guys are talking about.

  • @ElGato

    Yes, this is multiplayer for acb and acr

  • Dang it I tried to post the new pro tip but it didn't post for some reason.

  • Benches:

    When you have a target that is sitting on a bench, the personas will assume 2 positions:

    A) Sitting up straight with hands on the bench

    B) Leaning forward with hands on lap

    The personas move between these 2 positions.

    If you come across a target sitting on a bench with multiple same personas, Your target will be the last to sit up straight. This works roughly 90% of the time. Don't forget to grab an acrobatic by taking your target form above, or maybe even a focus.

    It should look something like this:

  • Ya this helps alot and usually is easily noticed ^^^

  • You should feature the bale of hate here, it's awesome.

  • Bale of hate isn't much of a pro thing to do as much as it's trolling. Here is the link for it though (notice how in the video he never in first, usually 5th or sixth).

    The problem is that more experienced players check the hay first to prevent getting an accidental lure. It is always best to check the hay first, and then check the crowd your target is in. You may even be able to get a kill from the hay if you are close enough to the crowd (like the center hay bale on Antioch deathmatch)

  • It's still the coolest move of the game, lol.

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