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  • Alright everybody, I apologize that there hasn't been any new weapons for the past few weeks, mostly because I've been forgetting, too lazy, or playing video games. Now before I announce the weapons/items, I would like to propose an idea. The idea being I would do this every other week and the week I did it would be a double feature. Also I would like to propose the idea of you guys choosing the era, or country that I find my weapons for a one month feature of that time period/country. Let me know what you think.....Anyways this week's weapons/items are a qaudruple feature.

    The first one is........the Naginata!!!



    This bad boy is very similar to the Chinese Guan Dao, the only difference's being the spike on the blade and the length of the weapon. The blade is constructed in the same manner as a regular samurai sword and is 12-24'' long. The shaft has a guard on it similar to that of a guard on a sword, it can be between 4-8' long. Now it is uncertain when Naginata appeared but historian's believe it was around 1146, it was most commonly wielded by samurai or monks, also known as sohei.

    Next up is............the Grappling Hook!!


    These things are classics when it come to any type of entertainment, but they are also good weapons too. They were first used in naval warfare, in order to catch ship rigging. They can be used for many different uses, but the most common use these days are for getting up to high buildings. A factory made grappling hook can have up to six barbs on it, with each one having a serrated edge for more gripping power. That same edge can be a deadly weapon if wielded correctly, add a spike in the middle and you got a nasty weapon.

    The next one is...............the Sai!!!!


    This weapon may be familiar if you know some certain green ninja's. Before they came to Japan they were being used in India, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Some evidence suggests that an Indonesian martial art known as "chabang" predates the use of the weapon in Japan and China. These weapons are used for blocking, parries, strikes, and disarmament and are generally used in pairs. In ancient times they where used by domestic police to arrest criminals and for crowd control. The tips are generally blunt, not sharp as some would believe.

    The final item for today is............the Trident!!!!!


    These guys are known mostly because of of Poseidon and Aquaman, but they also make great weapons, and surprisingly....fishing gear. In Ancient Rome they were used by gladiator's in tandem with a net so as to trap the prey and stab them to death. They generally stand about 6' high with the barbs being either straight points or the barbs having an arrow head-shaped point. For fishing they are used in the Southern and Midwestern United States in order to catch "suckers, bullfrogs, flounder, and many species of rough fish". This process is called "gigging".


    Well that's it for this week, sorry about the wait.......Enjoy!!!! 

  • Very Nice.

  • took ya long enough! I was starting to wonder if I was the only one left in the group.

  • Nope I'm still here just been overly busy sorry guys

  • My favorite one would be the sai out of the ones here. My suggestion would be ancient roman or greek weapons.

    And yeah I've been very busy as well. A good chunk of it is actually stuff for the group, which hopefully can start showing up here within the month.

    Vittoria per gli Assassini!

  • Hey great stuff here man!!!

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