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This Forum from this day forward is decreed to be dedicated to the George R.R. Martin fantasy novel A Feast for Crows: Book 4 of the A Song of Ice and Fire series

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A Feast for Crows is the fourth of seven planned novels in the epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire by American author George R. R. Martin. The novel was first published on 17 October 2005 in the United Kingdom,[1] with a United Statesedition following on 8 November 2005.[2]

In May 2005 Martin announced that the "sheer size" of his still-unfinished manuscript for A Feast for Crows had led him and his publishers to split the narrative into two books.[3] Rather than divide the text in half chronologically, Martin opted to instead split the material by character and location, resulting in "two novels taking place simultaneously" with different casts of characters.[3] A Feast for Crows was published months later, and the concurrent novel A Dance with Dragons was released on July 12, 2011.[4] Martin also noted that the A Song of Ice and Fire series would now likely total seven novels.[3]

A Feast for Crows was the first novel in the sequence to debut at number one on The New York Times Best Seller list,[5] a feat among fantasy writers only previously achieved by Robert Jordan[6][7][8][9][10] and Neil Gaiman.[11] In 2006 the novel was nominated for the Hugo Award, the Locus Award, and the British Fantasy Society Award.[12]



Anyway, chat away, but please try and keep your topics related to stuff that was discussed in book 4 of A Song of Ice and Fire series in this particular forum.  If you want to discuss the other books or shows, or even just a free for all discussion, please use the following threads.

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Alright people, let's get this discussion started on A Feast for Crows: Book 4 of the A Song of Ice and Fire series.