Lately, it has been noticed that the clan has been at a drought in blogs, comments, posts, and mainly members in general. It has come to my attention that we may need to expand our roster in order to keep our way of life sacred, and to keep the waters of progress flowing. This is why I have decided to open up spots in our gang, and bring in new recruits. 

Now, anyone who is interested in joining our prestigious clan may leave me a message on my wall, or inbox me. I will review you, and get back to you as to whether or not you are worthy. Some things to be noted/ things that are important to know should you wish to join.

1. Members must be already aquainted with at least a couple of the group members upon application. Don't just expect to waltz in here and expect us to bow to you. This is a brotherhood. Not a stranger-hood.

2. Members must also have a sense of humor. No one likes a sour-***. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. But first, make me a sandwich. Woman.

3. If you're not very active on GIO, you may want to join a different clan. Also, you suck.

4. In Asian cultures, this is the number of death.

5. We love blog posts. If you do get lucky and are let into our clan, do not be scared to show us your writing skills. Ladies love blogs, it's been proven by science. I think.

6. I want to have at least ten of these. Six doesn't seem like a lot.

7. I like Cave Story. You better like it, too.

8. Feel free to share your Facebook profile, members of the clan (but it is okay not to, the wanting of privacy is respectable). We are all creepers here. But seriously, this is how we get even more bonded! This is how I met Bryan, one cool dude.

9.  This makes nine!

10. Done!


If you think you got what it takes, hit me up. YEAHHH!