Well, since I'm not of a high enough level on the site, we can't actually make a forum. So we will have to use these spiffy blog posts for now. Okay? Okay! Well, since I love you all, here is the beginning of Chapter I-Meanings are Meaningless of this book I'm writing:

From ashes to ashes, from dust to dust.

Against my control, my hands claw forward in what seems like an endless struggle. Every grasp is painful, both hands clenching at what feels like nothing. Dragging me forward. Into nothing.

You'll rise again. In this I'll trust.

I cannot breathe, it hurts to inhale. It hurt to exhale. When my heart beats, the vibrations tear my insides apart. I gag and spew out the contents of my bowels, my burning throat, but nothing comes out but more pain. My hands do not notice. They only focus on their work. Dragging, pulling my limp body through the nothingness. Through the pain.

You're in our hearts, 'till the end.

I beg for it to stop. It hurts too much. No one heeds my screams, there is no one to take pity. They are all ignored. The only thing that listens is the agony. It screams back at me. Tearing at my bleeding torso, seeping through my pores, punishing me until I'm silent, until the only sounds are the beat of my heart and the rhythm of my hands.

We'll meet again, depart my friend.

Into nothingness.