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Needing to brainstorm about the next big breakthru for video games as we know it? Well come on in and chill with like minds in The I.G.D.Group!

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  • Once in a Lifetime

    Everyone knows that feeling, the feeling you get right after you turn something down without thinking about it later go, "Oh Crap..." because it was much bigger than you ever thought possible. For small developers and aspiring game artists,... More
  • Writing a video game script/storyline.

    This is NOT my own work, I would like everyone here to know that! This is the work of Will Kaliff taken from . I hope you enjoy it! :) Writing a video game script offers a challenge... More
  • Merry Christmas!

    Hey Indies! Just wanted to let everyone here know that I had a wonderful Christmas and that I hoped all of you did too. I got a PSP for Christmas and hope that the games I play on it will broaden my horizons to game making even more. Have a wonderful... More
  • Indie Games.

    Well, I know that as a gamer, there comes a time when you play a game and come away dissatisfied. You have thought of a million ways that you think the game could be better. I have planned out entire levels and whole games that took advantage of the quirks... More