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halo club

we talk about how to beat all of the levels,all of the new guns,the new creatures and everything else if ur interested please join.

Halo Reach?

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  • I know wat i want for this game,  the other spartans would be kinda cool to see, and id love to kill some innersectionists! They should really play a bigger part. The marines also should have such a "throw away character" vibe. SPRINTING would be an amazing achievment for halo too. If anyone Linda, Kelly and Will should be in it. Some People really like Master Chief, but he and the Arbiter are quite boring. I want to see the HUMAN side of this war. Rebuild the Ghost of Oynx Book as a game and i will buy it for $100. Maybe the Hunter should appear as the Destroyer figure in halo 1? Type wat you want at the bottom                                                                                                 


    Thats Right...

  • so far all the trailers and teasers suck but it can have some real potential if they wait and work on it

  • i would love to see Linda, kelly, and sam, fred would be cool too (just because of his hand to hand combat skills)

    if you remember from reading Halo: First Strike, it started on reach and there was a very important artifact hidden near ONI under the ground of reach i would love to see this in halo reach

    and from the openning cinematic we can really expect that that's where reach is going to start, and really if that's where it starts and bungie follows true to the books than that kind of cuts Linda completely out of the picture, because she was floating around in space while reach was being glassed AND SHE WAS HALF DEAD

    but if bungie keeps true to that then we will see fred and his team, though we will end up with a couple a levels which would equal into firefight basically.

    this could be why bungie put firefight into halo 3: odst, preparing for levels that would play out under the ONI base under reach's surface! The reason's why the covenant didn't glass reach as soon as the won the battle on the surface the artifact (the map) that showed them where halo was!

    so most likely we'll see a whole slew of the spartans!

    why in the world should we cut the books out of our speculation on what we'll see in the next halo game why in the world would we cut this out of our thoughts we can't.

    we all know that bungie is full of gamers and people who have brilliant minds i'm sure that they'll use the books somewhat even if it's just as a springboard and i'm sure that will apply to the pevious games as well like. . .

    . . .take odst for an example in the book halo first strike there is a very good place to implement the mechanics that was used in halo 3: odst's firefight mode, the artifact hidden underneath reach's surface with the covenant coming in at you from all sides.

    i expect ONI because of the guy who claims to have played halo reach and put phone pictures on the internet (though i don't put much stock into that because it was a bungie top teir security asset until dec. 12)

    i'm going to put a copy of this on my blog and call it halo: reach book guesses just in case you want to comment on anything that i've gotten wrong about the sources i've used

  • you guys realize some of the spartan II are still alive. turns out mastercheif rubed his luck on some of them

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