Flying Bags started an interesting thread about Game Informer making a digital archives of older issues of GI.  He might not of been thinking of scholastic implications, but I am, so I wanted to bring the topic here as well.

"I was wondering if it was possible to have an archive of the past 200 issues in the website. I know it would be an enormous task, but it would be awesome to have all of the past issues as reference. Not to mention I have been writing game reviews for a while now and would really like to post reviews for some old games which are not on the site. So I was wondering if the staff is planing on doing this or will i just have to search the depths of my closet to find some interesting tidbit on a long forgotten game?"

My response:

I would also like to see some older games added.  I assumed they would, but now think I shouldn't assume that.

As for the archive of old issues, I would love to see this.  I know it might be like, people would be getting all kinds of free issues, but it doesn't have to even be ones from the past year or 2, but really old ones. But the reason I want to see this, is for scholastic matters.  With the increase in video game studies, there needs to be databases for articles about video games, and even if an archive would not be free to the public, it should at least be made and opened up to colleges, which I think could really open things up for writing scholastic papers