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Welcome to the Game Informer Writer's Guild. This is the group for users who want to get best out of their website experience. This is a great place to learn the trick of blogging, profile editing and more. You can also easily bookmark the guild at http://

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  • Forum Post: GIO Writer's Guild Updater - keeping you up to date on all the bloggers of GIO

    Hello there, hopefully you're finding this through my blog post. If you're not though and you've just found it randomly then you're in luck. Because here we have (hopefully) gathered all of the the best writers that GIO has to offer and have made it so that you can find the latest blog...
  • Forum Post: Anyone know how to drabble?

    This kinda sorta might fall out of what the Writer's Guild is about, but I thought it might be a fun/ interesting exercise a few might like to try. It's called a drabble and if you're extremely familiar with Monty Python, then you'll know what it is. However, the earliest example of a...
  • Forum Post: How do you get a picture to show on your blog when you are looking at the Blogs Page?

    I just joined not too long ago and I am enjoying it a lot. I was wondering though, how do you get a picture to show on your blog when you are scrolling down the blog page? Most people have a picture on their blog but I just cant figure it out! Can anybody help me out?
  • Forum Post: Anyone Have Any Stories?

    I am going to be posting a few of my shorts in my blog in the next coming days here and I am just wondering if anyone has already got some stories up that I could read and hopefully become inspired. By inspired I don't mean stealing your ideas. Post your links to your stories here. Thanks!
  • Forum Post: Original Reviews?

    I've noticed that we're unable to submit or post a review of a game if it is not first in the site database. Case in point - The Witcher. I've not found a review of this game on the site, but I have one written up that I'd like to post. Another example is of Fallout 3. Reviews exist for...
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