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Welcome to the Game Informer Writer's Guild. This is the group for users who want to get best out of their website experience. This is a great place to learn the trick of blogging, profile editing and more. You can also easily bookmark the guild at http://

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  • Forum Post: WGWC sign up thread

    Hello there, and welcome to the challenge. I hope that if you're looking at this, you know what it is. If not though, that is awesome and you should go check it out right now . Also be sure to check out the home thread for this, to give me feedback and suggestions on the series. That being said this...
  • Forum Post: Re: More Points for User Reviews

    Jay the Gamer: I think blogs should be worth more, but user reviews are too short to be worth ten points. Most people just put down a sentence or two and all they say is "this is the greatest game of all time!" Yes. Blog should be worth more, but if you really go looking at a lot of blogs they're...
  • Forum Post: Original Reviews?

    I've noticed that we're unable to submit or post a review of a game if it is not first in the site database. Case in point - The Witcher. I've not found a review of this game on the site, but I have one written up that I'd like to post. Another example is of Fallout 3. Reviews exist for...
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