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Welcome to the Game Informer Writer's Guild. This is the group for users who want to get best out of their website experience. This is a great place to learn the trick of blogging, profile editing and more. You can also easily bookmark the guild at http://

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  • Forum Post: How do you get a picture to show on your blog when you are looking at the Blogs Page?

    I just joined not too long ago and I am enjoying it a lot. I was wondering though, how do you get a picture to show on your blog when you are scrolling down the blog page? Most people have a picture on their blog but I just cant figure it out! Can anybody help me out?
  • Forum Post: Pic on the blog preview?

    Can anyone help me with this? I have a pic uploaded to my blog to use and I can't get it to show up in the "preview" of my blog (the excerpt). I posted a blog yesterday and it worked, but today I did it again with a different blog and I can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong...
  • Forum Post: More Points for User Reviews

    In my opinion, it's a little strange that user reviews are worth the same number of points as simply commenting on a post. A well done review could take quite a bit of time, especially if you add in play time of the game. I feel it's worth more like ten points, as opposed to five. Just a thought...
  • Forum Post: User Review Trouble

    So I've been checking and re-checking Phil's " How to Post User Reviews " blog post to see if I'm missing something, but I can't seem to figure this out. I'm attempting to submit a user review for Scribblenauts. I go to the Scribblenauts page, view the GI Review then scroll...
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