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Welcome to the Game Informer Writer's Guild. This is the group for users who want to get best out of their website experience. This is a great place to learn the trick of blogging, profile editing and more. You can also easily bookmark the guild at http://

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  • Forum Post: Re: The Amazing Gameinformer Vault

    Yes your right and a video would be a great idea I really hope they would do that.
  • Forum Post: Re: How did GameInformer Catch Your Eye?

    It was just too beautiful to pass up! Lol, Well I had read the magazines at a friends house and then I found there website. I finally decided to make an account, and then... It all started. And best of all! I love it!
  • Forum Post: The Amazing Gameinformer Vault

    The Gameinformer Vault was a cool thing to look at. It was so cool to see the history that the staff had collected in that room but it also got me a little jealous. I mean, I wish I had some of the games that they had in there. It probably took a long time for them to collect and do such a feat. I am...
  • Forum Post: Game Informer Archive

    I was wondering if it was possible to have an archive of the past 200 issues in the website. I know it would be an enormous task, but it would be awesome to have all of the past issues as reference. Not to mention I have been writing game reviews for a while now and would really like to post reviews...
  • Forum Post: Its Ok, Its Optional: How Infinity Ward compromised its artistic integrity with Modern Warfare 2

    Have you ever seen South Park's Cartoon Wars episodes? If you haven't seen it, then I urge you to go to the show's website and watch it (its really funny). If you have, then you understand why Cartman was trying to get Family Guy off the air and how he was going to do it. In short, if he...
  • Forum Post: How do you get a picture to show on your blog when you are looking at the Blogs Page?

    I just joined not too long ago and I am enjoying it a lot. I was wondering though, how do you get a picture to show on your blog when you are scrolling down the blog page? Most people have a picture on their blog but I just cant figure it out! Can anybody help me out?
  • Forum Post: How did GameInformer Catch Your Eye?

    hey wassup my fellow gamers, i have had my gameinformer subscription for a little over a year now. Before i saw gameinformer i was a huge fan of nintendo power magazine that came in the mail. (i was a fanboy). But when i saw gameinformer i was really intrigued with their presentation. Covering all of...
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