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Anyone know how to drabble?

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  • This kinda sorta might fall out of what the Writer's Guild is about, but I thought it might be a fun/ interesting exercise a few might like to try. It's called a drabble and if you're extremely familiar with Monty Python, then you'll know what it is. However, the earliest example of a drabble led to Mary Shelley's legendary horror "Frankenstein." Of course, I'm leaving some details out, but feel free to look it up if you get that interested...personally, I'd find that commendable. In that case, the wikipedia article is quite accurate.

     Anyway, if you're not familiar with it, in a nutshell, a drabble is a short story that is EXACTLY 100 words. While in recent times its colloquial meaning has come to be any kind short story, the real point of this little game is to challenge yourself into condensing what you want to say in ONLY 100 words.

    I've found that drabbles can be extremely challenging personally, but also an extremely effective way of developing your skills as a writer. It encourages a focused and specific kind of voice and also strengthens your ability as a writer to do what is known as "showing, not telling" in your writing.


    So then, if you're interested, go ahead and give it a try! You might like it.

    Some points to keep in mind:

    -Drabbles tend to focus on a single, specific event or emotion.

    -Drabbles often end with a "punch-line" (That doesn't mean they have to be funny, but they usually end in a thought-provoking statement or something that just makes the rest of the story "click" in the reader's head... or it really is a "punch-line")

    -I'm a literary/ creative writing geek and find these sort of things fun.

    I'd post up one of my examples to get it started but...I just...can't find it...when I do, I'll post it up.

    That's all the time I want to take up so get writing!

    By the way, if you think that this is completely irrelevant to gaming, let me inform you that it takes some *** good writers to craft stories like that in Mass Effect. And heck, just look at Metro 2033. That good game started out as a GOOD BOOK. Don't gimme any crap..START WRITING >:0 *waves a wooden ruler menacingly*


    Have fun! :D


    (Just a lil encouragement...)

  • I just wrote this one in about 5 minutes, just wondering since it's 100 words with a 'punchline' if it qualifies.

    I entitled it "The Sword of Man"

    The tales were true; all the time spent searching wasn’t in vain. This sword, hidden for centuries, was legend to contain the key to lead creation of life, or even worse, destroy it.   Its sheath was the Earth, and now I was to be its master. My hand on the hilt, I lifted the blade up out of its stone, drawing the blade with all my might. Instantly my thoughts started to burn, I could feel the blade severing my mind. All that I sought I attained, but in it was my death. I found Power.


    Maybe that was too much symbolism? If the truth is harsh its still the truth, and I wish to hear it. If this sucks in your opinion, then let me learn of a better way.

  • So I had decided to delve into the innards of GameInformer.com for the first time since before Assassin’s Creed 2 came out (last status update). I had been checking the front page for new news stories every day though. Let’s see- I’ll check my favorite group- The Writer’s Guild! Okay, let’s see…drabble? That sounds interesting…Monty Python…crap I didn’t finish Holy Grail. 100 words, huh? Sounds fun. Ok let’s see what this guy came up with…oh he didn’t come up with anything…well let’s see what else he wrote…they had 100-word dialogues in Mass Effect? What did he… Metro 2033 was good?

    Evan Sheldon | SofaKing18

  • Yeah, it would have been somewhat nice to have an example, no?

  • I sat contently, reading my book. A book with a red cover, thick spine, and highly detailed. "Charles woke up to an abundant meal. Eggs, bacon, sliced fresh-fruit, fruit salad, pancakes and an assortment of juices. A meal fit for the gods" I read. An unhuman growl portruded from ,where else, but my stomach. Good thing I was sitting under an apple tree. Big red apples. So I climbed searching of an apple. I reached for one. Couldn't get it. Reach miss in a loop. I was frustrated. I leaped up to get it. I hit a branch, fell,hit the ground. Apples hit. ***, I really wanted to finish that book.


    It isn't exactlu 100 words but I ran out of time and will edit later.

    Anyone remember me? Brandon09 and i might as well put in my old signature.

    I don't stay away from trouble i just don't participate in it.

  • that sounds like a fun excersize... i might include it in one of my what if sessions in the future ... thanks for the good idea!

     check out my blog!


    Rainheart, I'll never forget you.

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