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How do you create a group?

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  • I really want to create a group based on different series, and I have been thinking of some sweet ideas for names. Can someone please tell me how?

    Oh, and here are some of my ideas.......................


    The Official Army of Two Weapons Box


    The Official Left 4 Dead Safe Room


    The Official God of War Treasure Chest


    The Official Assassin's Creed Store (need help on that one)


    and I am thinking of more stuff. Post your ideas here, and please, someone tell me how to make a group!

    The Cake is a LIE!!!!!

  • I don't think you need "Official" it's a word that means nothing unless GI or whatever game company actually makes it.

    We all know that this actually isn't "Official" so there's not much point in calling it "Official".

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