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Outlets that Accept Pitches

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  • Alright, so it's hard to be a writer, especially when it comes to finding out which publications accept outside pitches and which ones don't. Even trickier is nailing down who to contact with story ideas once you discover that a magazine or website will actually listen to you if you have a good idea. Anywho, consider this thread a resource for places that accept outside articles. If you know of an outlet that will listen to pitches post the contact info here, along with any other helpful info. Something like this:

    The Escapist

    Every month they run a litany of stories from outside sources, and many people get their first professionally published piece on behalf of The Escapist. Most articles take a thoughtful and measured tone, but the occassional pop culture piece is showcased if the concept is good enough.


    Pitches are set up in 2 month rotations, and you have to pitch articles well in advance before consideration and approval. They respond to every request sent, though sometimes it takes a while and if they're rejecting your pitch they may or may not tell you why.


    So yeah, if you're willing to help your fellow writers find work then post some resources here. If you're not willing to help out then you suck, stop being such a jerk.

  • Well, some of my freinds have been published through Glass Fire Magazine.  I don't know much about it, but I believe it's a quarterly mag and covers a wide range of genres.  Poetry is also accepted by them.  Heres a link;


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