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The point earning system

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  • The point earning system is too much. Look at it the max you could get is 15 points for a guide and the rest is five. My suggestion is when ever somebody replies your forum or blog you should get 5 points for that that way you get more for writing your forum or blog because it takes a while to think of an idea to talk about. The current way is just to hard to move up its takes 3,000 to move up to silver and 50000 to gold how are you suppose to do that. the editors dont even have that. Does anybody have 50000 points? Its not fair but I'm trying to work my way up to silver but that harder than I thought. So what are your thoughts on the matter?


  • You'll get there eventually. It's not all about leveling up just so that you're on a higher level than anyone else, it's about contributing and enjoying the community. Leveling up should be a difficult thing to do. It helps weed out the people that really don't appreciate the site for what it is.

  • I agree that the point system is a bit skewed in terms of values on posts, like I think posting a review should be 10 points, comments should 5 points and guides 15 points for partial 30 points for full walk-through upon verification. I think that blog posts that get featured talked about by staff should get 2-5 extra points, but the points in regards to the levels... they're not too bad. 50K for gold WILL take a while, but it indicates who gives a *** and who doesnt

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  • Yeah, I'm with Ethan there. I do however, think that allotting more points for featured blogs and such would be nice, but not something to be demanding just yet.

  • The problem I see with earning points for other comments in a thread you created is that it would be really unbalanced. Some people could put a lot of work into a thread and get some good points for it, but anybody who creates a a thread for something popular, and this is especially the case for Off-Topic, would be guaranteed Gold status with little or no effort at all.

    I think a better way to do it might be, instead of points per comment, a creator would get a set bonus of, say, ten points when their blog or thread hits Hot status (20 replies or more, I think).

    That way, we could get some extra points for a good thread, but still have a limit that prevents us from getting too much.

  • @ lauren

    This contrives the incentive. I could post "Halo sucks" as a thread in all things XBOX or to the 'official halo lovers' group and not only do I now have a flame bait thread, but it'll attract infinitely more than 20 - making it... HOT (pun intended). I think rewarding threads altogether isn't a great idea... because threads are subject to so much interpretation that there's no way to establish a metric of 'good'.

    Besides, if a thread is extremely relevant and objective,  mods have their own way of immortalizing it.

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  • It really don't mind me either way, but if there would be a bonus, I'd say that situation would be pretty well covered.

    Ten points is enough of a reward for those who earn it, but not enough to make a pointless thread just for the sake of point farming.

    Flamers gonna flame whether there's an incentive or not, and mods can make an effort to lock those kinds of threads before they get enough replies to constitute a bonus.

    Anyway, we'll see what happens with it. If they are working on these kinds of bonuses, they're no doubt taking all these things into consideration, so... 'twill be awesome either way.

    EDIT: Holy LOL, my opening sentence fails so much...

  • thanks 4 the comments!! keep um coming


  • I think the point requirements are just right. Making gold require so much means that only people who truly invest their time would be able to reach it, weeding out the less committed.

    However, the point rates should modified. For example, a blog, which is usually long, should be worth more than a post in a thread because a person spent considerably more time making the blog.

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  • Yeah, I dont think the point system is right on this sight.  You should probably get more points for guides and reviews.  I mean, if you put a lot of time and work into one guide, you should probably get more points than just 15 points.  Thats equal to 3 comments,  that is definitly not right.  Same for reviews, I don't think that the points you get for writing a review should equal the points you get for writing a comment.  Other than those two points, I'm okay with the rest of the point system.

  • I agree with steelerfan but I have yet to see a complete guide.  Most of them are made just to unlock one achievement or for spam. (Although I am currently making a complete ratchet and clank guide.)

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  • I did the math. If you earn 500 points a week you will get gold in a little under two years(assuming you start at zero points).

    Oh, and I'm a little curious as to why I don't earn a point everytime I rate something.

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  • Rewarding threads is definetaly not the way to go.  Almost all the threads in the forums now are people just trying to start the first official "insert game here" thread.  Its rather pointless and makes it hard to discuss specific areas of a game without your post getting lost in a sea of random, generalized, opinons of the game.

    The point system seems fine to me.  Maybe 10 points for a blog but then you are simply rewarding the people who post half a paragraph as a blog.  I can already tell that the guides are already abused by people making incomplete guides.  I just want to get to gold so that I can make a group.  I have searched and noone has created the one I want yet.


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  • the system is a little offset, but I agree it has to be harder to level up to weed out the undesirables. you should get more points as people visit your guides and blogs and respond to them, since you are increasing the activity of the website, rather than getting points initially. perhaps they will recalculate the points in the future with a new system

  • I'm in the processes of making VERY extensive guides for games like Bioshock and Fallout 3 and, as most of you probably already know, they take quite a bit of time and effort. You can dish out at least 50 points for such a contribution.

    In the end LittleBigEthan is right, its not about the points. Though just like any game I play, I LIKE LEVELING UP :)

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