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Original Reviews?

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  • I've noticed that we're unable to submit or post a review of a game if it is not first in the site database. Case in point - The Witcher. I've not found a review of this game on the site, but I have one written up that I'd like to post. Another example is of  Fallout 3. Reviews exist for the XB360 and PS3, but not for PC. While the games are essentially the same, game play dynamics differ greatly between PC and console due to peripheral thus the pace and level of play are altered. More importantly, issues like SecuROM troubles that I report on in my PC review of the title have no bearing on console versions making the review less relevant in those areas.

    So, are we going to be given or is there currently a way to post original reviews in a manner other than making it a blog post (that's what I've done thus far)?

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  • Last I saw the tech team was in the process of porting over the reviews that were visible on the old website as well as the new content being produced; I have no idea how far along they are though. I guess the best stopgap solution is to just do what you're doing, and make blogs out of the reviews for games not yet available on the site.

  • yah a staff member said one day that they were working on it but it would take some time

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