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WGWC sign up thread

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  • Hello there, and welcome to the challenge.

    I hope that if you're looking at this, you know what it is.  If not though, that is awesome and you should go check it out right now.   Also be sure to check out the home thread for this, to give me feedback and suggestions on the series.

    That being said this thread is the thread where you can sign up for three things,

    The first thing (and the real reason I made this a seperate thread) is that you can post here to have someone read your blog and help you identify and work on some of your issues.  That way you can go back to edit your blog and learn how to fix your mistakes. Alternatively you can also post that you'd like that blog reviewed right in the end of your blog and one of the reviewers will see it and help in any way they can.

    The second thing this is here for is to have people sign up to read over the the blogs of people that sign up to get reviewed.  I'm going to leave this open, but I would like anyone that signs up to follow a few basic rules

    1) Only constructive criticism.  I shouldn't have to say this, but I will.  Everyone that is participating is trying to get better, and there are people at different levels of skill when it comes to writing.  Not everyone is a Camus right off the bat.  For some it takes a lot of work and a lot of practice.  Please keep this in mind while looking over blogs.

    2) Only sign up if you have the time. Another no brainer, but still an important thing to remember.  Now I'm not saying you need to have time to read through 6 blogs and review all of them, but if you do sign up and say you're going to help someone, make sure you have the time to do a thorough job.  After all, the people that are doing this challenge are putting in a lot of effort to their blogs, so please be courteous and do the same.

    3) Focus on more than just spelling and grammar.  Instead I want you to look at things like flow, style, and the actual wordings of things.  If you spot an awkward phrase, or you notice that the person starts every sentence with I ____ then those are the things that should be looked at first.  The biggest issues are the ones that take away from the reader's experience, and that is what should be tackled first.

    If you are willing to follow those three rules then I would love the help.  I will be trying to do this for as many blogs as I can, but I'm not a machine (at least I'm pretty sure I'm not).  I will need help, and the more people helping with this, the better.

    Lastly, I am also looking for people that can serve as last-minute backups for interviews.  I want people to go out and try to challenge themselves to get an interview whenever that challenge comes up, but just in case they can not I don't want them left out in the cold.  Please again, only sign up if you have the time and are willing to put the effort in.

    Anyways that is why this is here, and I hope that everyone that signs up remembers that this series is still about enjoying the writing more than anything else.  So please take that for what it is.


    3D Titan
    Undertaker Adrian


    Elisha Muir
    Shawn Gordon

    Thank you to all those that sign up.

  • Well, my lack of Experience pushes me away from this, even though I'd love too...what do the interviewees do? I didn't catch that

  • lol, it's just as the name implies.  I'm going to (eventually) have interview weeks where the writers are to get out and try to get an interview with someone.  The interviewees would be backups for those people who maybe can't get the interview, or miss the opportunity to get a full one with someone from the industry.

  • Well I wouldn't mind joining up, so I will. Definitely could use some help in the grammatical sense. If only writing was like Calculus, then I'd be a master.

  • Oh, right. I totally missed the first challenge, but I'll try to keep up with 'em.


  • So I just leave a comment to sign up? is that it? I would like to join because I could use some honest feedback on my writing from more experienced writers. More importantly I still haven't figured out how to edit blogs I've already published. Currently I have published  three blogs, and the first two need the most editing. I would like a review on my newest blog as well. (I already know about the random floating "m")


  • I hate to be the only one asking for these reviews, but I really want to know how I can improve in this blog. I've received some feedback (very appreciative of this), but i want a bit more criticism. I would really appreciate it. 






  • I'm not sure if this is still going on, But I'd liketo help out wherever it's needed. I probably haven't blogged like it, but I write for a living, so I could probably help out with feedback and such.

    I'm not sure how the interviews work, so a little 'how to' would be in order before I did that.

    "I'm a dude, playin' a dude, disguised as anotha dude! You a dude that don't know what dude he is!"  -Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder

  • I'd like to join.

  • I did my first challenge this week :D I hope this is still going on because I'd like some constructive feedback on my writing style lol

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