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How did GameInformer Catch Your Eye?

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  • hey wassup  my fellow gamers,

    i have had my gameinformer subscription for a little over a year now.  Before i saw gameinformer i was a huge fan of nintendo power magazine that came in the mail. (i was a fanboy). But when i saw gameinformer i was really intrigued with their presentation. Covering all of the current systems,reviews,RUMORS, and previews without showing favoritism to any particular brand. Especially when local reader bashed gameinformer's survey about the Red Rings of Death for the 360(the survey was pretty fair in my opinion). Overall i am always impressed with their work.

    So what brought you to gameinformer

    Cheers to GameInformer


    The Grapist, "he sneeks into little kids bedrooms at night and grapes them in the mouth" lmao

  • it caught my eye years ago, probably when they first started. Around issues 27 I think. Someone had It and I actually thought it was Game power at first, but It was so much better I just had to have.

  • The exclusive cover stories became too much to resist. I had to have the BioShock reveal issue and figured I might as well subscribe.

    What kept me around goes beyond that, though. GI is flat out the best source of information and analysis in the industry.

  • I needed something game-related to read and i was at Gamestop at the time i had this idea, so I subscribed then and there

    I'm back. (Original Username: TheDarkKnigh7

    Want to play League of Legends?

  • I decided to start subscribing a long time ago. It was before I got my PS3 and my first subscription issue was the one with the cover story on Alpha Protocol.

  • I think that Gameinformer first caught my eye several years ago with a cover that featured a world exclusive preview for Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne. Since I was a huge Max fan at the time (and when gamer websites had yet to become what they are today) I immediately picked it up to satisfy my Max Payne fix. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the preview article I was also pleasantly surprised by the quality of the entire issue and found that it was much much better then most magazines that were on the shelves at the time. The next day I subscribed and I never regretted it.  

  • Gameinformer's forums actually caught my eye.  I have only been here for about 2 or 3 weeks and I actually get to discuss games with the other members.  Most other forums have too many trolls or flame wars.


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  • I started back in 2001 with issue 99. I still have all issues up until now (well, except for one where they reviewed The Wind Waker). I went into Gamestop, they said "Here's our card and 10 issues for $10" and I have been hooked ever since.

    Keep up the good work!

    All to all, by my mustard!

  • I started reading Gameinformer about a year ago. I got it from ordering one of those gamestop cards. At first I didn't read it really I just looked at the pictures, but then I started to read. I realized this was probably the only interesting thing I have read since The Hobbit. Now it still is the only thing I read and I love it!

  • Well six years ago for my ninth birthday, my mom bought my a subscription, and I've been getting ever since.

  • Well to me, It's basically the Facebook/Myspace of Videogames. Since videogames are my favorite thing in the world, I decided to check it out and ever since I've loved it. I used to just come to this site to look for reviews and stuff but ever since I've joined it the experience has been way better.

    Life is all about finding out what life is all about.

    Good luck friend.

  • It was when I was at my friend's house.  I saw an issue of Gameiformer on his table and I started to look at it.  It was really sweet and it had lots of good information in it and cool features in it.  I went home and ordered a year of it.  Ever since then, I have been a loyal reader of Gameinformer.  Go Gameinformer!

  • I can't even remember.  Two years, 3 years back?  OH WAIT.

    Ok... I walked into Gamestop one day, err Funcoland as it was called at the time.  I can't even remember what game I was buying.  But then... an employee told me about a certain game that happened to be adorning the cover of the magazine so prominently displayed on the counter.  That game?  Super Smash Bros.  Oh wow.  That was the greatest idea in the history of ever.  Wouldn't be released for a few months, but I think that's the day I walked out with that "used game membership" deal thing where you got a year or so subscription.  After years of pawing through the usual mags on the shelves of Walmart or whatever to fill my junkie soul and praying for the Nintendo Power subscription that never materialized, here I was with the hands-down best, and I never looked back.

    Needless to say my mom had to cave that time if she ever hoped to survive my badgering.  Oh man, was it really that long ago?  It seems like forever, it's hard to believe GI's that old.  So much has changed since then.  To think that your Super Smash Bros preview along with a little luck got me the only gaming mag I'll be loyal to forever.

    Those early issues got destroyed for various reasons including me reading the hell out of the SSB issue and a flood in the basement, but I must have years of paper stacked in my room.

  • Sitting in an airport coming home from another soccer tournament, tired as hell, and hadn't gotten to play this new game I got the previous week. Was bored and needed to snag something to read, went into one of those airport stores with all types of magazines, and there was the game I had been yearning for all week on the front cover of GameInformer. The rest is history.

    GREAT magazine that has exactly what I want, information on current and upcoming games. Also, the writers obviously have a sense of humor that really surfaces in the articles and makes the read even more enjoyable. Love it!

    "It is not death that we wish to avoid, but life that we wish to live."

  • I first got GI with my Gamestop Edge card and have been a fan ever since

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