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How did GameInformer Catch Your Eye?

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  • I remember my first issue. I always went to the mall to go look at EB Games (I am assuming either the old name of Gamestop or the brand they bought out) and see if I wanted to buy a game. For years prior I had been getting Nintendo Power and at that point in my life had grown tired of the company, which now is really sad since the magazine is done. Anyway, I can't remember the specifics but it had to do with the rewards program and some sort of discount I think they initially gave to purchases or pre-orders and with it you got a 12-month subscription to GameInformer. The first cover I ever got was on Prototype, which looked amazing. Love the direction the covers have gone in and the issues always have something unique to look forward to.

  • I wanted a magazine with good gaming information and a website with a community that I could get involved in.  And I found Game Informer.

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  • I pretty much just got Game Informer as part of my Gamestop membership, but ever since then, I've loved the magazine and have read it for over 4 years now. It's only been since 2 years ago that I've checked out their site and an embarrassingly short time ago (like only last year) that I've been engaged with GIO's community. I love everything that GIO has to offer and simply love the social networking it provides.

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