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Dave's Ever-so-Slightly Supercilious and Sycophantic Corner

This group is being started by me (Dave) for me (Dave) so as to make a blog. I'm quite sure nobody will ever care, but this ""group"" was not really created for people to join. Aside from that, I hope (but do not expect) that someone will read the blog,

whoops, my bad

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  • I thought you had to start a group to make a user blog, which apparently isn't true (I still don't know how to make a blog without starting a group, just that other people have done it).  I feel like a colossal idiot.  If someone of some authority on the site could delete this group, I would really appreciate it.  Also, if anyone ever reads this and does know how to start a blog, I would appreciate it if they'd tell me (if I ever show my face on this site again).

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