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Welcome to the Game Informer Writer's Guild. This is the group for users who want to get best out of their website experience. This is a great place to learn the trick of blogging, profile editing and more. You can also easily bookmark the guild at http://

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  • How To Make Your Profile Hot

    Welcome to the new GameInformer.com! As you’ve hopefully noticed by now, we’re very focused on community. We want you to join in and interact with us and each other. In this post, I’ll help you get started by showing you how to join... More
  • How To Post User Reviews

    Welcome to the new GameInformer.com! Have you ever read a review in our magazine and strongly disagreed with us? Or maybe you just picked up a new game, and you’re eager to tell the world how awesome or how awful it is? You’ll have the chance... More
  • How To Get Started Blogging On Game Informer

    Blogging on Game Informer is a great way to get noticed and interact with the community. In this post, we'll give you some tips on getting started.

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